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Lezyne Macro Drive

Supplementary information

This is a great light. It has clean lines. It's plenty bright. I recommend it highly.

The dimensions (length about the same as a crispy chocolate & rice bar, or 1020000000 angstrom), weight (4 grams more than two bars), and candle power (far more birthdays than I'll ever see) all fall within acceptable parameters. Useful details, should you require actual hard data despite my unreserved recommendation, can be found on the full review. The purpose of my writeup is to provide supplementary information.

Official snack and unit of measurement used in AG lab

Mounting outside the envelope
If, like me, you don't like your handlebars to have anything other than brakes and bar tape on them, it becomes necessary to find suitable accommodation which the provided bracket isn't designed to clamp to. I don't wear a helmet, so a helmet mount is out. A tube shape doesn't lend itself to easy fixture upon the crown lower down, either. What to do?

First I plundered my bits and bobs box, pondering one possible bracketing solution after another to have them all quickly fade into implausibility.

Back into the bit box with you. All of you.

Then I visited bike shops, hoping to stumble upon the handiwork of an independent-minded manufacturer. One early contender teased me for weeks before finally settling into a solution.

Lezyne, we meet agyne

This one is meant to be strapped atop a helmet. I was especially intrigued by the freedom of angle offered by the ball socket. But where to put this? Perched upon the mudguard? Too wobbly. On the head tube somehow? Won't go. Affixed to the brake in an unnatural way? No way. How about underneath the front of the stem?

Click for perspective shift. Yeah, I've got to change that brake hood.

Inelegant, and on first pass of a critical eye too close to the 'bars for comfort. But mostly out of the way of my hands and restless fingers thanks to the extra clearance. Two cable ties and we're in business.

I'll report back when I drop it. I'm guessing that if it was dislodged from its reasonably secure mount, perhaps by an idly mischievous thumb, it would survive the impact and skid along to be retrieved unperturbed if impressively battle-scarred.

Light Show
The only modes of interest to somebody who gets disturbed by the club settings are click one, bright; click two, brighter; and click three, least bright, which is initially exciting because it can last through the night (if you're getting a late start), but is not quite bright enough to not quite not disappoint. The first click conveniently offers the best compromise of runtime and good illumination.

Animated .gif of strobing lights redacted to avoid seizures. Blink your eyes constantly to achieve roughly the same effect.

Other uses
I also use mine as a flashlight for walks.

Hand shadow shapes made with this light
I've done a passable elephant.

Is too much. However, as it has no serious competition at this level of consumer good taste, that bullet must be bit.

The main contender for my affections
Dinotte. An excellent but really expensive light which mounts perfectly enough to make me want to cry, let down only by the need to be leashed to a small brick. Also, mine is rapidly losing the will to hold a decent charge.

Rating out of 10



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