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Ordnance Survey Nut Cracker

Event info
Sat 10/01/2015, 07:30

As cycling gear gets better there is no reason not to enjoy cycling all year round. This event is designed to be a perfect winter event with flat wide roads and regular warm feed stations which will provide you a hot cuppa to keep spirits high. In its first year, as part of the brand new Ordnance Survey Spin Series, this 51 mile epic and 35 mile standard course is the perfect way to get some flat training miles in your legs. Starting from the Iconic Newmarket Racecourse, the ride sets out onto wide, open roads with breathtaking early morning views over the surrounding farm lands. At mile 4 the course splits and the epic riders head off for a extra 15 mile loop. Riders will dip down to Balsham before heading back up past the first of two ‘warm’ feed station to rejoin the standard riders. The route rolls through endless quiet roads and on to the second warm feedstation which is in the picturesque village of Clare. Its 13th century buildings provide a dash of character to an otherwise green and natural landscape. This is the last stop before the final stretch back to the venue for your well-deserved medal, cake and a massage. - See more at:

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