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Video: Six of the best steel road bikes — keeping it real with steel

Six gorgeous steel road bikes from Fairlight, Condor, Mason, Kona, Genesis and Donhou

Despite the advance in modern materials, steel is still a ruddy good choice for making a bicycle frame, as the long list of brands still working with steel tubing proves. In this latest Six of the Best video, we've rounded up six steel beauties that we think are good examples of the latest breed of steel road bikes.

Not to give too much away, but we've got bikes from Fairlight, Condor, Mason, Kona, Genesis and Donhou in this video, and you can find out more about them from the reviews and buying links in the table below.

By the way, the current equivalent of the Kona Roadhouse featured in the video is the Wheelhouse; the £3,999 Roadhouse has gone way upmarket, and the Condor Fratello Disc price cited is for a bike with Shimano 105 components, specced up using Condor's bike builder.

Our pick of six of the best steel road bikes

Weight Market price Read more
Fairlight Strael
Read our review
Condor Fratello Disc
Read our review
Mason Resolution
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Kona Wheelhouse
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Genesis Equilibrium Disc
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Donhou DSS1
from £4,585
Read our review

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