Watching the Tour from a small mountain road.

On Sunday, I was stood on a mountain waiting for a bike race.

That bike race was stage 15 of the Tour de France and the route took in the little-known climb of the Pic de Nore.

This backroad cat 1 proved to be a launchpad for the climbers within the breakaway. With 40km from the summit to the finish, things looked good for Majka from where we stood with 4.9km left to climb.

Unfortunately for him, the tailwind going up turned into a crosswind on the descent and a strong chase from behind brought him back.

Pain by Luke Justin

Watching on the road gives a unique view of the riders outside of the big groups. 


Movistar by Luke Justin

Most are simply suffering, having been dropped from a bigger group.


Sagan by Luke Justin

Unless you're Sagan, who seems to have the best poker face in the game.


Chava by Luke Justin

Possibly the loudest cheer went to Sylvain Chavanel. Riding his 18th and final Tour, the Direct Energie rider has been a regular in breakaways, hoping to win the Super Combativitie award in Paris.

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kil0ran [1697 posts] 1 year ago
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Lovely photos - what camera? Colour balance looks like film shots

timberluke [12 posts] 1 year ago
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Lovely photos - what camera? Colour balance looks like film shots

They are from the new Canon M50. Auto white balance but with manual shutter, ISO and aperture settings. There has been a little bit of post processing on some of the pictures.