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The coolest custom road bike? Lina Bo's meticulously hand-painted Myway Pinarello Dogma F

The Spanish cyclist showcases her Dogma F, which - alongside the new Dogma X - has more cool custom colour options

If you're lucky enough to own a Pinarello, then you also have access to the brand's Myway platform, which basically allows you to customise your bike to please your eye better. Lina Bo, a Spanish cycling ambassador and designer, has got her very own Pinarello Dogma F revamped in her chosen colourway, which has allowed us a closer look at how Pinarello's customisation process actually works. 

Pinarello has now expanded the Myway platform - which it first introduced last year - to be available for the recently launched Dogma X as well as the Dogma F. There is a "myriad of new Xolar and Mono combinations" now available to build upon, and for the first time ever, the Dogma F is offered in bespoke Speedster and Sonic paint schemes as well as the Mono and Faded designs. 

Bo's bike here is the Speedster design, and the main colours are green, purple and formula grey.

2023 Pinarello Dogma F Lina Bo MYWAY colour1

Gold and Borealis Blue decals have also been introduced to the product offering while Yellow Gold, Golden Yellow and Transparent Carbon have all been updated from their previous guises. In total, the updated Myway system will allow cyclists to choose from seven different graphic layouts and 23 different colours, five types of decals, and two different finishes. 

How does Pinarello create these special paint jobs? 

2023 Pinarello Dogma F Lina Bo MYWAY colour3

Pinarello says that every custom Myway frame is "considered a true work of art, as each unique design is recreated by hand". This magic happens by skilled craftsmen at Pinarello’s headquarters in Villorba, Treviso. Most of the people painting the frames have over three decades of experience, which hints at how complicated the process is. 

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The process starts with the careful preparation of each frame. The first coating is meticulously hand-polished to create a perfectly smooth and flat surface, free from any pores that could disrupt the final finish. 

2023 Pinarello Dogma F Lina Bo MYWAY colour5

Once the surface is perfectly smooth, the frame is moved to the painting department where it gets thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the painting. The frame is then precisely wrapped and taped before any secondary layers of paint are applied, and after removing the protective films, the finishing details and shading are all applied with the use of an airbrush and a precision spray gun.

Each step requires several hours of drying and curing time, making this a lengthy and demanding process. Once the painting is completed, the Pinarello team applies a gloss or matt finish – both in this case – and a transparent protective film. 

2023 Pinarello Dogma F Lina Bo MYWAY colour6

The frame is then allowed to rest for 24 hours before the final inspection and polishing. The final step is the application of our Decaplus decals, which are baked onto the frame. These have been specially designed to reduce weight when compared to undercoating decals, and they also allow Pinarello to achieve a smooth surface.

After that, all that remains is a final check and clean before the frame is ready to go for a full technical inspection around all screws, threads and the seatpost closure before being assembled into a truly unique dream bike. 

2023 Pinarello Dogma F Lina Bo MYWAY colour8

Bo's bike is built - in the true Italian way - with MOST finishing kit, a Campagnolo Super Record Wireless groupset, Fulcrum wheels and Pinarello tyres. If you want to see the whole process of the bike coming together, there's also this YouTube video by Gee Milner that goes through all the details. 

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