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Exploring the Sussex Lanes with komoot & Liam Yates | Finding the UK's best routes

Komoot set us the challenge of finding the best routes in the UK and our search for some of the best gravel riding lead us over to Sussex to meet up with Sean Yates' son, Liam who took us out on one of his favourite routes.

Komoot has set us a challenge to ride and film some of the best routes that the UK has to offer. 

Seeing as we headed off on a gravel adventure in Scotland for the first in the series, we thought it best to bring it firmly back to the road, so we sent Becca off to Sussex to meet up with Liam Yates, son of Tour de France stage winner Sean Yates.

The route that he showed to Becca was a nice mix of some early climbs to test the legs, before they dropped back down onto the flatlands for a chance to chat about what having a Tour de France stage winner as a parent is like for starting out in bike racing.

You'd think that with a dad that won the races that he did, Liam would have been onto a road bike before he could walk, but he reveals that he only took to racing at the comparatively late age of 18. Instead, his early years were spent on a BMX and there was the occasional outing on mountain bikes.

As it turns out, one of the top tips for motivating yourself to go out training in the morning is to go to bed the night before fully kitted up. We'll take Liam's word on that one.

One thing that Becca needs in her life is a cafe stop and the Ripe Village Store provided just that. On a sunny day like they had, you don't need a second invite to sit outside and soak up the warmth.

The area around Liam's route is perfect for mixing in some gravel riding, so if you're heading down to this area, taking a bike that can handle a little bit of the dusty stuff would be a great idea.

Where do you want to see us go next? Leave your suggestions down in the comments below.

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JWL | 2 years ago

Firle, Bo Peep & Laughton: fabulous!

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