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A closer look at Jonas Vingegaard's Tour de France winning Cervelo S5, R5 and P5

Check out Jonas Vingegaard and Jumbo-Visma's Tour de France weapons of choice including a VERY yellow S5 for the final stage

Jonas Vingegaard raced to his second consecutive triumph at this year's Tour de France aboard a fleet of Cervélo bikes - the S5, R5 and P5 - all equipped with SRAM groupsets and Reserve wheels. Let's take a closer look at Vingegaard's race-winning bikes. 

2023 Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France Yellow cervelo S5 frame

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Canadian bike brand Cervélo is the bike supplier of the men's and women's Jumbo-Visma teams, allowing the riders to choose from some of the best road bikes. 

Cervélo S5 

2023 Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France Yellow cervelo S5 workshop

Vingegaard started and finished this year's Tour de France aboard a Cervélo S5, the brand's aero road bike which has taken advantage of changes in UCI equipment rules to reduce drag.

2023 Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France Yellow cervelo S5 workshop rear

Jumbo-Visma is using wheels from Reserve, Cervélo's sister brand, and 12-speed SRAM Red eTap AXS groupsets which both had yellow treatment to match the race leader's jersey. 

Interestingly, Vingegaard's shifters appear to be different to the rest of the team's, and not only because of their yellow decals. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-06 at 12.03.01.jpg

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They caught our attention at the Dauphiné. Whilst other Jumbo-Visma riders use the taller current generation Red AXS hoods, Vingegaard’s bike has shifters that resemble the later Rival and Force AXS options with a much lower profile.

Could these be shifters from a new generation of Red groupset or are these just modified Force levers with fancy graphics and perhaps a few internal weight savings?

2023 Vingegaard Tour de France custom paint

At first glance, Vingegaard's Cervélo S5 frameset looks much the same as the one he rode to victory at last year's Tour de France but there are some subtle differences. 

The stars and the ‘Ride Your Dreams’ motif are in keeping with Jumbo-Visma's Tour de France jersey in collaboration with Dutch cycling brand AG, and Efteling, a theme park in the Netherlands. 

The design is based on a power of dreams idea, and after winning the 2022 Tour de France, the team says it hopes to inspire new generations to follow their dreams.


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Vingegaard used a SRAM 1x (single chainring) setup for the opening stages of this year’s Tour de France, and again on his run into Paris yesterday. 

A 1x setup does bring plenty of benefits, especially to pro teams looking for every marginal gain. For example, there’s the potential aero benefit of removing the front mech and, in Jumbo-Visma's case, replacing it with a Wolf Tooth Lone Wolf Aero chainguide. For me or you this would probably be negligible, but for the pros who spend most of their races averaging more than 40km/h (25mph), small changes can result in time savings.

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2023 Vingegaard yellow Tour de France bike pic A.S.O Pauline Ballet
A.S.O Pauline Ballet

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For the final stage, in keeping with tradition, Vingegaard had a custom yellow Cervélo S5, but this year the frame featured the word 'Jaunas' on the seat tube, 'jaune' meaning 'yellow' in French.

2023 Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France Yellow cervelo S5 Jaunas

Last year, Vingegaard's yellow bike included the Danish phrase 'Jonas vinder gult', which translated to 'Jonas wins yellow'. 

2023 Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France Yellow cervelo S5 top tube

The top tube also featured a motif highlighting Vingegaard's achievement and the 22 & 23 of course referring to the two years in which the Dane has won the Tour de France.

Cervélo R5 

2023 Tour de France Vingegaard Cervelo R5 Zac - 1.jpeg

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For stages in the high mountains, Vingegaard opted for the Cervélo R5, the brand's climbing bike. The focus here is on being comfortable, lightweight and stiff. 

Still keeping an eye on aerodynamic efficiency, the Dane used Vision's Metron 5D integrated handlebar and the R5 frame features internal cabling. 

Another difference with the R5 is that Vingegaard appears to use cheaper SRAM rotors for some extra weight saving. His usual ones on the S5 have cooling fins. 

2023 Vingegaard Fizik Vento Antares 00

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Vingegaard opts for Fizik's Vento Antares 00 saddle which costs £259.99 and is said to weight 118g. 

Cervélo P5

2023 Tour de France stage 16 Jonas Vingegaard © Zac WiLLIAMS (t-a Photography Hub Ltd) - 1 (1)
Zac Williams 

Vingegaard rode a blistering stage 16 time trial on Cervélo's TT bike, the P5. Whilst Pogačar chose to change on to his regular road bike for the final climb, Vingegaard stayed on his P5 for the duration of the TT.

The P5 is a long-standing model, the latest version introduced in 2019. It exhibits many of the features that we’ve come to associate with time trial bikes and aero road bikes over the years such as a seat tube that curves around the leading edge of the rear wheel and a dropped down tube that curves closely behind the front wheel to manage airflow in that area.

The TT extensions look like Vision's Metron TFE Pro P5 which are full-carbon and designed specifically for the Cervélo P5.

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The wheels are again from Reserve, with Vingegaard using the 77/Disc wheelset which is a deep section 77mm front with a full disc rear. 

As with his framesets, Vingegaard has been swapping between different tyres depending on the stage. In the mountains, he was using a set of tubular Reserve wheels with Vittoria Corsa Pro tubular tyres but has also been seen using Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR tubeless tyres and Vittoria Corsa Speed tyre on his time trial bike.

Jonas Vingegaard wins the 2023 Tour de France (Zac Williams/
Zac Williams/

Which Cervélo would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below... 

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Dnnnnnn | 7 months ago

Slam that stem!

EK Spinner | 7 months ago

"Another difference with the R5 is that Vingegaard appears to use cheaper SRAM rotors for some extra weight saving. His usual ones on the S5 have cooling fins. "

Its time this nonsense was stamped out, Disc Brakes (big clu in the name) Discs, you know the big flat round component in the brakeing system, shaped like a disc - it is a brake disc, not a rotor


IanEdward replied to EK Spinner | 7 months ago

Meh, pick a definition, I googled it and the first definition suggested a rotor needed to have some sort of aerofoil component to it e.g. like a helicopter, but the next definition just suggested 'a rotating member of a machine or device'.

It sounds better to me anyway, I associate 'disc' with something that is solid and doesn't have arms or spokes, e.g. a disc wheel or a compact disc.

Paul J | 7 months ago
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"the potential aero benefit of removing the front mech and, in Jumbo-Visma's case, replacing it with a Wolf Tooth Lone Wolf Aero chainguide."

Oh come on... there's 0 data for a "Wolf Tooth Lone Wolf Wolfie McWolfie How Many Wolfs Can a Product Name Wolf" chain guide being more aero.

Maybe it is, maybe it's the same as an FD, maybe it's worse. You have *no* data on this I assume, given you don't have any quotes from the manufacturer in the linked review? So... I assume the "potential" here is based on the vendor having stuck "Aero" in the name?

Sorry, but I hate being taken for a ride by bike marketers.

skeuomorph replied to Paul J | 7 months ago

"What's more aerodynamic - Jonas's P5 or a BBQ? I have no data so I can't know

"What causes more drag? A big lump or a little lump? I can't know anything at all until it's tested, but even then how do I even know the test protocols are right?"

- Descarte on his rock

Morgoth985 replied to skeuomorph | 7 months ago

Obviously a bbq...

Walo | 7 months ago

It seems Jonas was riding a size 51 S5 this year as opposed to a size 54 last year? Could anybody confirm this or correct me from wrong?

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