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Just how good is Mallorca for cycling?

Recently we flew out to Mallorca to produce some video content, and wanted to highlight some of the best places to ride before it lands. Here are our top picks from the island

To answer the question in the headline straight up... yes, Mallorca is a truly stunning place to visit with your bike! Here I'll be rounding up a small selection of places to go and cycling challenges to complete if you're lucky enough to have a Mallorcan trip booked. 

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Above you'll find our Mallorca collection on komoot (click here to get started on komoot if you haven't already downloaded the app) where you'll see the recommended rides we've put together from our time on the island. If you are heading over, you can download them to your collection, export the GPS files (komoot is available on Garmin, Wahoo, Hammerhead, Lezyne and Sigma head units) or simply use the app on your phone. 

Without further ado, let's look at where to base yourself, where to ride and where to refuel on this glorious island... 

Places to stay 

komoot mallorca feature - Port de Pollenca

Most people tend to stay in either Port de Pollenca (pictured above) or Alcudia, and for good reason. There are plenty of options for accommodation, and the riding is perfectly varied with a mix of flat coastal paths, rolling terrain and the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains close by.

Port de Pollenca also sits at the start of arguably the most famous route on the island: the ride out to the lighthouse and back, known as the legendary Cap de Formentor. It’s a magical ride on the right day, just head out early to beat the traffic and enjoy the 40km(ish) out-and-back route.

As popular as Port de Pollenca is, I do tend to favour Port Soller as 'the' place to stay in Mallorca. A picturesque and energetic town, I personally think you can get to more magical riding quicker. Be mindful though, every ride starts by tackling either Col de Soller (7.4km at 6%) or Puig Major (13.9km at 6%)... a good solid warm up!

komoot mallorca feature - red velodrome

A final mention goes out to the small town of Sineu, home to the famous red velodrome. If you opt to stay here, you'll find yourself exploring quieter roads and climbs, and drinking some of the best coffee on the island at Sa Mola 13 cafe. Sa Mola 13 is owned by former pro cyclist, Jan Eric Schwarzer, who also runs MA-13, proper sporting holiday accommodation that is pretty much purpose-built for cyclists. Jan Eric is also planning to run a hill climb event on the Sa Calobra, how epic is that?! Keep your eyes peeled for more info, it’s sounding like it could tie in with next year’s Mallorca 312 challenge... 

Watch the video

Where to ride

komoot mallorca feature -sa calobra 1

I’ve already mentioned Cap de Formentor, so the next obvious one to suggest would be to get yourself to Sa Calobra. It’s an out-and-back climb, 9.5km with an average of 7% and for me a must-visit. 

As is the case with the Cap de Formentor, try and get there early as it does get busy with traffic as the day goes on. You’ll be blessed with amazing scenery and a whole host of switchback turns, it really is a stunning climb and lives up to its name as one of the best.

komoot mallorca feature - santa magdalena

Moving away from the really popular climbs, a couple of other notable mentions would be Puig de Randa (or Cura as it’s commonly known) situated closer to the middle of the island, around 5km long and with an average gradient of roughly 5%. There’s a monastery at the top of the climb serving coffee and cake, and adding it in as a destination gives you a reason the explore the island a bit more if you include it in a loop from Pollenca, Alcudia or Soller. 

On the subject of climbs that feature a monastery, Santa Magdalena is another one for the list. Some would class it as ‘cute’ with 120m elevation gain over 2km, but we'd definitely recommend heading out here for the views at the top, it's certainly worth the trip.

komoot mallorca feature descent

There seems to be a theme with climbs featuring monasteries at the top serving coffee, with the final recommendation being Sant Salvador. Another climb that gives you a reason to visit a slightly quieter part of the island on the east side, you’ll be rewarded for the trip out with sublime views all the way up the 5km climb. 

Away from the climbs, you can’t go wrong with any of the riding around Andtrax, Galilea and Valdemossa, which all feature on the Mallorca 312 route... if you fancy a REALLY big day out! 

Coffee stops

Cafe stops are an essential part of any ride of course, and there are some pretty great places to stop on the island. 

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I’ve already highlighted Sa Mola 13, but two other essential stops would be Sa Ruta Verde and Cycling Planet. 

Starting with Sa Ruta Verda, I met the owner Lennart and instantly knew I had to shout about this place. You’re greeted with a smile, served wonderful coffee and a great selection of food catering for everyone’s needs. Additionally, you can pick up a spare tube if you’re out of luck. The cafe is situated in Caimari, so after your pit stop you’ll be in the mountains in no time. 

My second recommendation, Cycling Planet, is a coffee house designed for cyclists. The food menu items are named after famous riders, a mechanic is on hand if you get stuck, and there's a ton of cycling memorabilia to quawk over. Cycling Planet really is a primo spot to stop at, add it to your list. 

As I've already mentioned numerous times, there’s so much this island has to offer and it really is a truly amazing place to visit and ride your bike. Get out there and enjoy!  

Have you experienced cycling in Mallorca? Share your favourite rides in the comments and share the routes with us over on komoot

Photography: Joe Simkins and Josh Bamber

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pablo | 2 years ago
1 like

Nice place to ride. Enjoyed it but it didn't really click for me can't put my finger on it. Ridden in a few places around the world I would return to first. Surfaces were great although I was warned not to ride if it was wet as they turned pretty slick

Prosper0 | 2 years ago

TLDR: Riding is generally very good, but the island is overrun with overly large British MAMILS that ruin the environment somewhat. 

pockstone replied to Prosper0 | 2 years ago

By being overly large, British or just numerous?

Bikeylikey replied to pockstone | 2 years ago
1 like

Or middle-aged? And/or in lycra? Any other prejudices to air?

agp | 2 years ago
1 like

For reasons unclear, access to Formentor has been limited, though we snuck our way to the end last week. If you do go out there, the climb up to the Albercutx Watchtower is worth the view (though the road surface is rubbish and narrow for the amount of traffic).

Surreyrider | 2 years ago

You missed a monastery climb - up to Ermita de Betlem outside Arta. About 2.6km with lots of tight switchbacks on a narrow road. Fantastic. And the best climb on the island - Coll de sa Batalla - has been ignored too along with the sweeping descent down the Femenia. 
Sounds like the writer was based in Soller and mostly included the rides from there. 

Stebbo replied to Surreyrider | 2 years ago
1 like

Because these articles never cover other parts of the island. It's always Pollensa, Etc etc. 

Many lovely places to ride away from the NE of the island. 

Surreyrider replied to Stebbo | 1 year ago

Err, yes - that's why I mentioned the Ermita de Betlem. In the far east of the island (Pollenca being far west).

philsinclair replied to Surreyrider | 2 years ago

There are many other routes including the three Monastries through the centre and east from Palma. Return down the fire road from Llucmajor to S'Arenal. Also the cheesecake stop in the centre of Sineu. I do agree it is one of the best places to go for early season training.

IanMSpencer | 2 years ago
1 like

And if you want a day without serious climbs there are a gazillion villages all with lovely squares to sit out in the sun, so you can clock up miles without the mountain climbs.

Mungecrundle | 2 years ago

My memories of the area around Port de Pollenca in the North are of decent weather, smooth tarmac, epic scenery, some decent climbs and local car drivers who indicate and pull over to let you past on descents. Not to mention seaside cafe's and chilled lunch stops.

Chris Hayes | 2 years ago

Easily the best place I've ever cycled.  The roads north of Soller and south towards Deja are to die for. 

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