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Find out how to keep your riding on track with Sigma’s ROX GPS cycle computers

40 years after creating the very first cycle computer, Sigma is still innovating with its awesome ROX range of GPS-infused bike technology. Whatever type of cycling you're into, there's a ROX model that's perfect for you

Many brands make bike computers, but only one brand did it first. Back in 1982, when the idea of satellites tracking your every pedal-powered move was the stuff of science fiction, Sigma Sport teamed up with German electronics pioneer Klaus-Peter Schendel to launch the first-ever digital bike computer: the Cyclecoach.

While the 1980s may have seen modernisation in many areas of cycling — such as the widespread adoption of clipless pedals, Lycra clothing, and an increasing appreciation for aerodynamics — the Cyclecoach revolutionised the way people approached their cycling probably more than anything else. At last, cyclists could accurately see how fast and how far they were riding.

But Sigma didn’t stop there. By 1986 it had released the Velostar — the successor to the Cyclecoach, with added features such as cadence and heart rate monitoring — and the multi-functional bike computer was born.

2022 Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo - 2

Of course, a lot has changed in the four decades since then. But one thing that remains the same is Sigma’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to boost every rider’s enjoyment of cycling. 

This brings us neatly to the ROX range: Sigma’s latest selection of dedicated cycling computers that combine all the traditional functionality of Sigma products with the mind-blowing opportunities that come with GPS technology. 

Sigma has been making GPS bike computers since 2013, but these newest models take things a step further with enhanced on-bike information and off-bike data sharing. Combined with software that can truly maximise their potential (such as the Sigma Ride app, see below), the ROX range offers cyclists the chance to track, record and study their cycling in detail as never before. 

Let’s look at the three ROX products – designed to satisfy three different types of cyclists – to see which Sigma GPS computer will be your ideal ride companion. But first, check out the Sigma Ride app...

The Sigma Ride app

There’s no end of training and route recording apps for cyclists, but the vast majority of them are made by third parties. That means they are often designed to be a ‘best fit’ option, rather than a perfect fit with your bike’s GPS hardware. But Sigma has decided that if you want a job done properly, it’s best to do it yourself.

2022 Sigma Ride app 2 - 1.jpeg

The result is the Sigma Ride app – an incredibly customisable dashboard, bursting with your personal ride statistics that allows you to sync your on-bike GPS computer with your phone or tablet. 

Whether it’s to track and elevate your performance; check out how fast you rode or how high you climbed; download or upload your favourite new routes; see how much battery support you needed on an e-bike ride; or simply show off your cycling exploits on social media, Sigma Ride can do it all.

2022 Sigma Ride app - 1.jpeg

Best of all, Sigma Ride is compatible with the entire ROX range, meaning that whatever model you choose, you can be sure of using it to its greatest potential.

ROX 2.0 – Anything but basic

Sigma Rox 2.0

The ROX 2.0 might be the entry-level offering of the ROX range, but this cycle computer is anything but basic. Using GPS (the US Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System), riders of all types have access to ultra-accurate speed, distance and time readings. 

But things don’t stop there.

The 2in customisable display is packed full of easy-to-read stats and data, with arguably the most important element – Sigma’s proprietary ‘Red Circle’ indicator – taking pride of place in the top right corner. This innovative display feature provides enhanced functionality, such as direction instructions and smart notifications of incoming calls or messages when paired with your phone.

Talking of which, by connecting your ROX 2.0 with the komoot app running on your smartphone, you can receive turn-by-turn navigation for any route you want to follow, with the distance to the next turning indicated by the Red Circle’s coloured bar… Perfect for riders who use their bikes for getting from A to B, even when they don’t know exactly where B is.

2022 Sigma Rox 2.0 - 1.jpeg

In line with the burgeoning market for electric transport, the ROX 2.0 is e-bike ready and can connect to compatible e-bike systems to display data about assist modes, battery status and other details.

You can read all the most important data on a bigger screen at any time, using the Sigma Ride app’s ‘Live’ function. Or, when you get home, you can use the app to transfer all the data to fully inform your training. 

See what we meant about it being anything but basic?

RRP £69.99
Display size 2.0in
Screen colours 2
Weight 39g
Water resistance IPX7
Typical battery life 18 hours
Tech highlights 14 functions; BLE and ANT+; GPS and GLONASS positioning systems; Red Circle enhanced functionality and notifications; turn-by-turn navigation with linked komoot app; e-bike ready; Sigma Ride and Sigma Ride Live smart device data transfer.
Perfect for... Commuters and recreational riders who take their leisure time seriously.
Get more info here

ROX 4.0 — Taking you to new heights

The ROX 4.0 takes all the ingredients found in the ROX 2.0 and gives them just a little more pizzazz – more than doubling the 14 functions of the 2.0 into 30 useful areas of ride data. 

2022 Sigma Rox 4.0 - 1 (1).jpeg

If you want to take your riding to new heights, this is the computer for you with an integrated barometric air pressure sensor that will reveal how high you’ve climbed or how far you’ve descended. You can even set the 2.4in display to show a graph of the altitude profile of your ride. 

And if you want to know exactly how hard you’ve worked to take on those slopes and climbs, the pairing capabilities of the ROX 4.0 mean you can team it with external speed, cadence or heart rate sensors (available here) to get a complete overview of the most important aspects of your ride.

2022 Sigma Rox 4.0  - 1 (1)

Of course, all the already fantastic elements of the ROX 2.0 are included as well, providing turn-by-turn GPS navigation, Red Circle functionality and notifications, e-bike readiness, and smart device data transfer. 

But for riders who want to take their cycling to a new – data-informed – level, the ROX 4.0 will be your most valuable tool.

RRP £89.99
Display size 2.4in
Screen colours 2
Weight 51g
Water resistance IPX7
Typical battery life 25 hours
Tech highlights All the features of the ROX 2.0 plus: 16 additional functions; integrated barometric air pressure sensor; gradient and climb functions; external sensor connection for speed, cadence and heart rate.  
Perfect for... Riders with big goals — and perhaps big climbs — in mind.
Get more info here

ROX 11.1 Evo — Everything you could imagine… and more

2022 Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo  - 1

The ROX 2.0 and 4.0 are awesome computers, so Sigma had to come up with something suitably special to be a worthy ROX range-topper. The ROX 11.1 Evo satisfies those expectations, and more, with a comprehensive range of 150 functions that will keep even the most voracious techno and data-freak happy.

The dazzling array of features starts from the minute you turn on the 11.1 Evo. The unit’s fantastically crisp 1.77in display might be the smallest in the range in terms of screen area but its ability to show 262,000 colours at a higher resolution means you’ll see everything clearly. 

And there’s plenty to see. As well as enhanced speed, distance, altitude, navigation and external sensor data — helpfully displayed in easy-to-spot coloured data fields — the ROX 11.1 Evo can be customised to display your specific personal riding goals, making it the most reliable training partner you’ll ever know. 

The data provided by the 11.1 Evo is even more fulsome than that found on the 2.0 or 4.0, and that also goes for the GPS functionality. Rather than turn-by-turn navigation, you can upload tracks to the 11.1 Evo’s memory and the computer will provide an ultra-accurate visual realisation of the path as you ride it.

2022 Sigma Rox 11.1 Evo - 1

Funnily enough, though, despite its superb GPS-informed abilities, you don’t need to go outside to make use of the ROX 11.1 Evo. Yes, you can set up dedicated profiles for mountain biking, e-biking, and so on, but an additional data page on the 11.1 Evo also connects it to compatible smart trainers. That means you can make use of many of its functions and keep track of your training, even if training doesn’t involve leaving the house. 

Finally, there are all the extra little details — like its super-easy five button operation; sporty design; Crash Alert function; and ultra-comprehensive data collection — that mark out the ROX Evo 11.1 as being one of the most complete bike computers on the market. 

If you need ultra-functionality, look no further.

RRP £169.99
Display size 1.77in
Screen colours 262,000
Weight 55g
Water resistance IP67
Typical battery life 18 hours
Tech highlights All the features of the ROX 4.0 plus: 120 additional functions including power data; enhanced data collection; multicolour higher-resolution display; coloured data fields; track navigation; smart trainer compatible; target zone training; Crash Alert.
Perfect for... Riders who need the ultimate in smart ride and training devices.
Get more info here

ROX range key features

Here's a quick look at some of the key differences between the three Sigma Rox computers – although the range offers many more functions than those listed here.

Feature Rox 2.0 Rox 4.0 Rox 11.1 Evo
 Backlight  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 BLE and ANT+  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 Smart notifications  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 E-bike ready  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 GPS  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 Turning guidance  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 Autopause  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 Indoor training functions  ✔︎  ✔︎  ✔︎
 Altitude functions    ✔︎  ✔︎
 Cadence functions    ✔︎  ✔︎
 Heart rate functions    ✔︎  ✔︎
 Enhanced altitude functions      ✔︎
 Enhanced heart rate functions      ✔︎
 Power functions      ✔︎
 Track navigation      ✔︎
 Crash alert      ✔︎ 
 Target zone training      ✔︎

As mentioned, the ROX range offers many more functions than those listed in this table. Check out the full list at

To find out more about the entire range, visit the Sigma ROX website

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