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Test the new Bosch eBike ABS at The Cycle Show 2023

Incredible breakthrough e-bike technology, including ABS anti-lock braking, from serial e-bike innovator Bosch will be available to test at this year's Alexander Palace Cycle Show.

For more than a decade now, if you've wanted to be sure that the e-bike you are buying has a quality drive system, there is only one name you need to look for: Bosch eBike Systems. 

While other brands have since hopped on the e-bike success train, the popularity and respect that modern e-bikes have garnered is in no small measure down to Bosch eBike Systems. It was Bosch’s drive systems that helped to revolutionise the experience of riding electric bikes, making them feel less like motor-driven machines and more like true human-powered ‘pedal-assist’ bicycles; the rider feeling less like a passenger and more like a true cyclist. 


For anybody who hasn’t yet ridden a Bosch-powered e-bike, that concept might be hard to believe – you really do need to try one to understand just how incredibly smooth and natural the ride sensation is. Luckily, there is an easy way to do that. 

On the weekend of April 21 to April 23, Bosch eBike Systems will be exhibiting at ‘The Cycle Show’ at Alexandra Palace, with a large booth staffed by Bosch eBike experts. There will be on and off-road demo loops at the event where visitors can hop on and ride Bosch-equipped e-bikes from an array of brands – and this year, Bosch will even have their very own eBike ABS Test Track with a range of ABS-equipped e-bikes. 

Constant innovation

As we mentioned, Bosch is no stranger to e-bike innovation - the launch of its ‘smart system’ in 2021 illustrates this perfectly. 

Bosch state that that system points the way to the digital future for eBikes. At the heart of the whole system is the eBike Flow app. All of the e-bike’s components (app, battery, display, control unit and drive unit) are fully connected to each other and regular over-the-air updates keep them up to date and add new features. The user can then control all functions of the smart system via the eBike Flow app. So whether you’re on your way to work or on the trail at the weekend: The technically and visually precisely tuned components allow you to customise your riding experience and take riding enjoyment to the next level.

An example of the constant new features is the recent announcement of a suite of updates including enhancements to their navigation system which adds voice guidance and customisation, an upgrade to the Kiox 300 which shows more map detail and an update to the Flow app which now features a parking function.

Bosch eBike ABS smart system

An update to the Kiox 300 display route as a line navigation screen now shows useful details such as junctions and descents, allowing eMTB riders to determine precisely where to turn at an ambiguous trail junction. 

In addition to this, the Bosch eBike Flow app now features a parking function, making it easier to locate your e-bike. For iPhone users, the Flow app will now notify you in ‘critical situations’, such as if your bike is being stolen, even if your phone is on mute and the focus mode messages are deactivated.

Finally, a new ride screen supports enhanced performance measurement, allowing your e-bike to become a bona fide training tool. 

Bosch eBike ABS braking

Bosch also has a whole new breakthrough technology in its eBike ABS braking system. Using much of the knowledge that Bosch has developed over decades of manufacturing braking systems for the automotive and motorcycle industries, the new Bosch eBike ABS has been designed to provide comfortable, secure and – most importantly – skid-free braking for all types of e-bike. 

Bosch isn't heading into this challenge alone. As well as working with Magura, Bosch recently announced it had partnered with respected bicycle component manufacturer Tektro to ensure the whole braking system is perfectly designed for each specific type of bicycle. 

Bosch-eBike_Partnership_with_Tektro_eBike_ABS_Press Photo_2

Tektro's braking systems will be available for all Bosch-powered e-bike types – from the eCity and eTrekking bike to the eCargo bike and eMTB – and will be optimised via specially developed ABS modes: ABS Touring, ABS Allroad, ABS Cargo and ABS Trail. In the case of eMTB, Tektro’s performance-orientated TRP brake systems are also compatible with the eBike ABS. 

The first e-bikes with the Bosch eBike ABS and Tektro brake components are expected to be available from the third quarter of 2023. 

How the ABS system works

  • Sensors on the front and rear wheels continuously monitor the rotational speeds of each wheel while riding.
  • If the sensor at the front anticipates the wheel locking up during excessive braking, the Bosch eBike ABS system adjusts braking pressure to improve riding stability and steerability. This is particularly obvious on slippery surfaces.
  • In the event of extreme overbraking of the front wheel, the intelligent Bosch eBike ABS reduces the possibility of unwanted lifting of the rear wheel. The likelihood of being ejected over the handlebar is therefore reduced. 
  • When used with Bosch’s Kiox 300 display, the braking distance and braking time are recorded and can be displayed to analyse and improve your braking performance, especially on different surfaces.
  • And when it comes to different environments, Bosch understands that different types of bike have different braking requirements. It has developed specific eBike ABS systems for four of the most significant types of cycle use: ABS Cargo, ABS Touring, ABS Allroad and ABS Trail.

Try it for yourself!

There are already several bike brands who are fitting Bosch’s eBike ABS to their models, with many other manufacturers also planning to include it in their range. Bosch’s data suggests that if all e-bikes were equipped with ABS braking systems, up to 29 per cent of accidents involving pedal-assist cycles could be prevented.

To see how the system could improve your e-biking experience, head to Alexandra Palace, London, between April 21-23. Tickets cost £16 for an adult standard admission; £14 for concessions; £7 for children aged 5-16; or £40 for a family ticket.

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