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New road bike, budget £1500

Hi All,

Looking at purchasing a new roade bike coming from a decathlon triban that  I have been using for a few years. I use this bike to commute to work and am looking at a weekend toy, tend to do 20-40 miles on the weekend.

I have a budget of £1500.  I intend to keep the bike for a few years looking to get into a 105 group set and disc breaks if possible (proving little difficult in my budget) Ideally Carbon frame but not discounting a good AL frame.

Went to Giant over the weekend looking at defy /TCR advanced 2. My surprise really liked the TCR only went on a 5 min ride round the block didnt find it to agressive.

Looking at this bike doesnt have disc breaks in this price of £1500

happy to buy last years model with the desk breaks out but its  £1649.00 (£100 off)

I still a novice the other brand been looking at is Canyon endurance and Rose bikes. Only thing is with it being online retalier not sure how I feel buying without sitting on it before hand. I am looking at the following:

CANYON ENDURANCE AL DISC 8.0 - better group set but with AL frame. but in budget at £1469

Queston - do Giant do any sales? will there be further sales to come. Happy to wait a little while ideally want to buy it buy end of Aug.

Are there any other bikes you would recommend in my price range, like i said still a novice going by online reviews. Sorry for long post any help much appreciated.




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