I keep breaking Brooks leather saddles?

Not everyone's 'cup of tea' but I like Brooks saddles (usual reasons), although recently they've been breaking on me.  My B17 Imperial (fitted to a town/hybrid bike) rails completely snapped; it had been in use for at least 5 years and Brooks repaired it.  I have a Swift on a steel road bike and a year ago I noticed the tension pin was bent (slightly) downwards; got Brooks to replace that.  Subsequently I've been keeping an eye on leather tension, although the on-line advice ranges from 'don't touch it' to tension (relatively) regularly to avoid sag (all very confusing); I just press down on the saddle to gauge the tension in the leather.  The Swift started creaking the other day and, on checking, the tension pin was bent upwards and partially sheared.  I've ordered some spare tension pins but reliability seems to be an issue; saddles aren't something you expect to break mid-ride.  I've also got a Team Pro Alpe d'Huez special edition which is now on the steel bike; that bike went up Alpe d'Huez so maybe it was trying to tell me something!

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