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Old man shouts at clouds

This past week I've felt like that old man who shouts at clouds.. so I thought I've have a moan and waffle on here and see if I'm an idiot or luddite or just maybe someone else has had a similar experience.

I'm a proud owner of a beautiful Mason Definition.. being honest it hardly gets any miles in as I spend most of my time riding my other bike..  still, it's a beauty and it sits in the garage, in winter on the turbo, but usually is dressed in knobbly tyres for off-road rides (gravelly type stuff). Since I've had it, I've changed the disc brakes twice and swapped a couple of chains out.. but nothing out of the ordinary.. 

I've just come back from the new forest, I threw the bike in the car fully in the knowledge that I had only one working disc brake, 'but it'd be okay' I'd borrowed a bleed kit from a mate and had brought some some mineral oil from my LBS.  I'll sort it when I'm down there..  or so I thought. Firstly, the instructions with the commonly found bleed kit were very hard to understand (lack of terminology understanding on my part), you tube it is then.. (which helped). Secondly, the bleed kit needed a 'not included' adaptor to attach the 'pot' to the levers for 'roadies' .. (very unhelpful). This then became a two man job as my dad and myself tried to bodge the pot in place.. (which turned into a fail with a third of the bottle of mineral oil all over my hands, the rims/tyres and the floor. So.. a quick google seemed to show the 'adaptor required' as a pretty common part, the next day a few calls to the numberous LBS in the forest would prove otherwise.. however 'Bike Jacks' LBS in Lymington proved very helpful, "Pop it down and we'll get you running" they said, "Brilliant" I replied! So I popped down to Bike Jacks and watched as he fettled, ingected and squeezed my front brake back into action.. it probably took 25 mins for the expert to get it working. So armed with two working brakes and a warning about tipping a bike upside down and air bubbles I drove back to base and had a lovely couple of days bumbling about the new forest.

My shouting at clouds moment is simple.. why and how are disc brakes so bloody complicated!! Don't depress the lever when the wheel isn't in.. don't tip your bike upside down, don't worry about the rubbing, don't spray soap on the discs, don't mind the screeeeeeaching.

Now I am fully aware that this is all 'knowledge which is to be treasured and learned from but after seeing Bike Jacks wrestle and squeeze with just one brake I'm wondering how the hell do other people manage? For the record, I'm usually quite happy with 'new stuff' I've been running tubeless on road for ever, I've happily made every mistake along the way and have experimented galore to arive ay my current set up... but I can't see me wanting to 'try to fix' my brakes again anytime soon. 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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