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Hi-  anyone any experience of buying from Sportpursuit?  Is it legit?  They have a load of cycling gear, (including a wide range of Rapha kit at the moment) at very deep discounts.  

Does anyone know why the brands sell throught Sportpursuit rather than sales on their own websites?


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Bigtwin | 1 month ago

Used them loads.  Legit and speedy service.  You may have to hunt around the website a bit, but it's worth it.  Current hits are Baabaa Merino baselayers in the sale - nice kit.

paulrattew | 1 month ago

For the big brands that sell through there, it acts a bit like financial hedging. It will tend to be end of line stock that they have failed to get rid of in their own sales. They can sell the stock off to Sport Pursuit (usually at cost or sometimes less than cost) and thereby recouping some of the cost in one go, rather than wait ages for items to sell. Sport Pursuit have then effectively taken the sales risk on. 

If the brands discounted the items massively on their own sale platforms, there is a risk that it might be seen as devaluing their brand and negatively impacting on the sales of their current main lines. By shifting the stock onto a different platform (Sport Pursuit) the big brands can keep their own websites more focused on their most recent offerings. 

There are also lots of more minor foreign brands that will use sport pursuit as their main bridge to the UK market. This is the case for quite a few of the eastern european brands that you see on there - it just doesn't make sense for them to run their own sales in UK when they can sell to Sport Pursuit instead. I've had loads of good camping kit from such brands. 

The other major root for Sport Pursuit getting stock is when distributors collapse - Sport Pursuit will buy up lots of the stock for virtually no cost. This is why there is so much Lake stock on there at the moment

mattw | 1 month ago

It's fine.

They started as a "mailing list only" outlet for brands wanting to shift the end of ranges without undermining the new full price range, not displaying much searchable on the website, back in 2011 I think, and have opened themselves up gradually to be more visible.

The insight was that brands sold some at full price, some in sales, and some at deep discount. They provided a channel for the deep discount stuff - perhaps places like Macarthur Glen are a good comparison.

rejourda | 1 month ago

Always buy from them and their own brand stuff is decent. You can get some great deals on cycle clothing like pear izumi and Castelli.

Brauchsel | 10 months ago

And another "legit" from me: have got some decent stuff from them at decent prices. As others have said, it looks like their business model is around selling stuff the brands couldn't shift themselves: hence the sometimes limited sizing options. 

They do seem to have a load of very cheap stuff from brands I've never heard of, often with sizing ranges that suggest they were made for the Chinese market. No idea what the quality is like on that though. 

TheFatAndTheFurious | 10 months ago

Yep, another +1 from me. Bought a few really good deals over the years.

Stock availabilty is often skewed to XXS or XXL ends of the size range but there's normally plenty to pick from. Delivery can be "a few days" so bear that in mind if you're needing something pronto.

There was a strange promo a few months ago claiming 90% off some "luxury" watch brand I'd never heard of and couldn't find out much about on Google, so usual internet purchase "buyer beware" / "too good to be true" caveats still apply.

They also do a simple "refer a friend" scheme for £5 credit for each "new signup after first order" which has worked without issue too.

Rendel Harris | 10 months ago

Mrs H bought quite a lot of winter kit from them back in autumn, arrived in good time and at an excellent price, all good.

OnYerBike | 10 months ago
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They are legit - I've used them before, and I think they are owned by the same people as brands such as Vulpine. 

I won't pretend to fully understand their business model, but I think it's primarily selling stock that is more than a season old. So whilst Rapha (or other brands) might do an "end of season sale", anything that is left after that gets sold in bulk to SportPursuit. 

Creakingcrank | 10 months ago

It is legit. There used to be a long wait time for stuff, as I think they would consolidate orders for a product and then get the stock in from the supplier. But something I ordered quite recently came within 2 days so maybe that's changed. Annoying emails though. I had to unsubscribe.

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