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The Thames Path Hammersmith & Fulham PSPO has changed?

There was a big fuss about this proposed Public Spaces Protection Order banning pedelecs from the Thames Path last year, and using language around "E-bikes" - which don't exist in law.

Report last year:
H&FReport last year

It now includes a blanket exception allowing "EAPCs" on the Thames Path, which is all legal electric bicycles.

It now says:

Now, it says (the global exemption for EAPCs wasn't there before iirc):

"Exemptions apply to:

- Disabled people and anyone with long term health conditions or restricted mobility who uses an electric powered vehicle as a mobility aid

- parents or caregivers using electric powered bike to transport children. The child must be present for this exemption to apply

- electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPC)"

Originally the proposal had an exception for e-bikes carrying children, which meant that when Jemima or Napoleon had dropped off Chardonnay at the nursery, it suddenly becomes a crime for them to cycle back home on the Thames Path the way they had come.

It's still half-gormless - that middle para lets e-mopeds in, since all e-bicycles should be EAPCs anyway.

Does anyone know what happened?

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