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Wheel storage idea

I've joined the wonderful world of gravel bikes where it is de rigeur to have two sets of wheels, one to wash and one to wear, isn't it?

I've been pondering where to store these and the issue of rotating stored tyres as they have sealant in them.

It dawned on me that there is a missing product - I want a wheel rack where I can have a rear thru-axle attached to the wall, pop the rear wheel on, then fix a front thru-axle on to that and hey-bingo - compact wheel storage that doesn't mark the rims takes up one wheel of wall and you can spin the wheels to pass the time or redistribute sealant.

Time for a crowd-funder?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Chris Hayes | 1 year ago

I have a couple of sprung telescopic bars - like shower rails but shorter and stronger and hang my wheels on meathooks high in a storage cupboard.

Creakingcrank | 1 year ago

This is a clever and ingenious idea. And Panslanepaul below offers a simple, inexpensive, and practical means of execution.

Plumbing pipe is just not very "gravel" though, is it?

I think this would be the ideal application for 3D printed titanium technology: strong, light, and resistant to corrosion or fatigue. Plus, you could make the device in a pleasing organic shape. Perhaps with storage for a couple of spare brake discs below the main shaft and a domed rubber tip for safety and security.

I for one would definitely get behind this if it came up on a crowdfunding site.


pockstone replied to Creakingcrank | 1 year ago

I definitely wouldn't want it getting behind me.

Panslanepaul | 1 year ago

Or just get a short length of John Guest 12mm pipe (blue) and mount that as an "axle" somewhere handy. Offcuts of 15mm copper pipe or somesuch would serve as spacers for your wheels. You can then continue to use your thru axles to keep your second set of wheels from falling off your bike 

Secret_squirrel replied to Panslanepaul | 1 year ago
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And a loosely tighted compression joint to stop the wheels coming off!


IanMSpencer replied to Panslanepaul | 1 year ago

That's exact;y why I thought of posting here, it can't be that hard to come up with something, though I do think it might require a few prototypes as the outer wheel is going to produce a reasonable amount of rotational force on the wall mounting - though perhaps all it needs is a big hole in a brick.

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