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Video: Highlights of some of 2013's most memorable cycle racing moments

Can you each race and rider…? Even if you can't it's still well worth a look...

Re-live your year in cycle racing with this video compilation made by a fan.

It’s the perfect pre-Christmas parlous game too - can you name the iconic scenes as they appear, distinguishing your Tour de France from your Giro D’Italia? Your Passo Castrin from your Alpe d’Huez?

It’s not just grand tours that are covered either - there’s some legendary time trialling and beautiful scenery thrown in to boot. 

So go on - have a stab. List as many races, stages and riders as you can, and you never know, there might be a sock prize in it if you impress us.*

*Scoring may be completely arbitrary. Judge's decision is final.

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Johnbosley | 10 years ago

No idea.

GREGJONES | 10 years ago

Wow, terrific video. What's the tune?

bazzargh replied to GREGJONES | 10 years ago

Since this thread's all about geeking out anyway... that's the theme tune from the film "Requiem for a Dream". It's by Clint Mansell (formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself). The original's called "Lux Aeterna", but this particular version is a re-recording he did for the trailer of LOTR:The Two Towers (called Requiem for a Tower). He also did soundtracks for Moon and Pi that I reckon are better.

squishy555 | 10 years ago

Haha, I am the lad in the red shirt on the right hand side of the road at 3:15 cheering on Froome as he attacks Quintana!  4

RTB | 10 years ago

Socks? Give it to bennetts06 for that download - he will need them to keep his tooty-pegs warm whilst feeding his Eurosport habit watching the Spring Classics.

mooleur | 10 years ago

Was truly an epic year, Cancellara's Roubaix(TM) finish was my favourite by far.

As a lady, though, can't help but feel a tad left out! The women's worlds were epic, Ratto and Borghini especially deserve mentions, considering the latter's earlier injuries and her subsequent recovery. What an inspiration.

bennetts06 | 10 years ago

corsice TDF
bradley wiggins
fabian cancellara
tony martin
peter sagan, tour of alberta
cadel evans
johnny hoogerland
moreno moser
sep vanmarckle
fabian cancellara paris - roubaix
zedek stybar
fabian cancellara - E3
mark cavendish
dario cataldo
bradley wiggins
ryder hesjedal
rui costa
vincenzo nibali
rigoberto uran
marcel kittel
jan bakelants
chris froome
nairo quintana
alberto contador - mont ventoux
christophe peraud
tejay van garderen
romain bardet - alpe d'huez
rui costa - gap
nairo quintana - annecy - semnoz
marcel kittel, chris froome, david lopez, champs elysee
andre griepel
dan martin
frederik kissiakoff
peter sagan
jan bakelants
bradley wiggins
fabian cancellara
tony martin
ronde van vladeren
joaquim rodriguez
alejandro valverde
(left a few out, didnt know whether to list them again or not but ive repeated a few. got most i think though with a few possible spelling mistakes but you can understand who i mean)

bazzargh replied to bennetts06 | 10 years ago

Ugh, you're right, I'm wrong. The bit at the start is a portuguese tv station but the location in the clip is Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio, on Corsica, TDF stage 1. In my defence I didn't see that because I was at the finish in Bastia that day.

themartincox | 10 years ago

Lovely, sadly not a whiff of women's racing in it as far as I can tell....

Ghostie | 10 years ago

In order I think:

- UCI men's World Champs ITT in Florence won by Tony Martin, Wiggins 2nd, Cancellara 3rd.
- Peter Sagan winning the fifth stage of the Tour of Alberta.
- Moreno Moser winning the Strade Bianche.
- Fabian Cancellara winning Paris-Roubaix, beating Sep Vanmarcke.
- Cancellara again, winning the Tour of Flanders.
- Mark Cavendish Stage 1 (?), Giro d'Italia.
- Team Sky winning the TTT Stage 2, Giro d'Italia.
- Lots of riders at the Giro with Luca Paolini winning stage 3, Mark Cavendish again (no idea which stage) and an attack from Vincenzo Nibali on stage 20 and taking the race.
- Tour de France, mostly Froome. Stage winners included: Daniel Martin (Stage 9), Christophe Riblon (18), Quintana (20), Rui Costa (19), Orica-GreenEDGE in the TTT (Stage 4).

Then back to the UCI World Champs ITT and Cancellara, as the beginning. And then Rui Costa winning the Road World Champs.

That'll be a pair of socks then, unless people also add all the locations of each stage too as well as other riders coming in second or around the winners.

bazzargh replied to Ghostie | 10 years ago

Ghostie: You missed a couple I think. The very first footage (from Portuguese channel RTP2) is going to have been from the Volta ao Algarve, won by Tony Martin. The second race Cancellara is shown winning is E3 Harelbeke - his RVV win makes an appearance later on in the video (when you say 'back to...Cancellara')

Ghostie replied to bazzargh | 10 years ago

Bazzargh: Which bit? The montage of Wiggins followed by Cancellara and then Martin on the start ramp (after the TdF Stage 1 footage at the beginning about 18 secs in)? Definitely the start of the World Champs ITT. Next bit straight after is an Astana rider signing in. You are right about E3 Harelbeke and the RVV though.

chokofingrz | 10 years ago

Froome won Tour. Socks?

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