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Get FREE cycling stuff for your office

Transport for London scheme hands out cycle racks, training sessions and mechanical bike checks - free

In a little known scheme administered by Transport for London (TfL), businesses in the capital can apply for free - FREE! - cycling equipment to help encourage staff to cycle to work.

Some of the available free goodies include commuter cycling skills sessions, as well as bike racks and lockers, and sessions with a mechanic to check over bikes.

All the business has to do is register (there must be five or more employees) and complete a short simple four-question tick-box travel survey amongst staff to assess their willingness to try cycling.

In return for the support, facilities and services TfL provides the workplace, they ask that employers actively promote cycling within your organisation in some way. Suggestions include:

  • providing other facilities which enable staff to cycle – showers and lockers
  • having local cycle maps available within the organisation
  • promotion and participation in annual community London or national cycling events
  • having a Cycle to Work scheme in place
  • arranging discounts with local cycle shops for staff

Employers are also asked to survey staff after a year to see whether the facilities have made a difference.

Do you have a similar scheme in other parts of the country? Let us know in the comments below.

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