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Video round-up: Sagan's best bits, ice, & fixies

A Peter Sagan 2014 highlight reel, make your own ice-wheel bike + some scary driving in Scotland

The clocks have gone back, we've had our first sub-zero night, and the professional cycling season has come to a close. All that has happened since our last video round-up, so there's plenty to catch up on, right?

To pull you out of those darkness-induced blues, we've enlisted the help of Cannondale's maverick charachter, Peter Sagan.

There's also some seasonally-premature ice-themed videos for you to check out, a bit of bad driving, a sprinkling of pranking, some fixie-riding Aussies, and an artsy film about a German woman who also loves a fixed gear bike.

Fan-made Peter Sagan 2014 highlight real

With winter apporaching, we can officially draw a line under the 2014 procycling season.

If you're looking for a way to ease the pain, or you fancy reliving some of the season's best bits, here’s a video of sensational Slovak Peter Sagan's highlights from this year.

We can’t think of a better way of celebrating another big year of cycling, can you?

Cyclist gets cut up by van

As always, no video round-up is complete without a bit of action camera-captured footage of a bad driver threatening the safety of a cyclist.

Here we have Paul Wilson commuting towards Edinburgh city centre on Queensferry Road. The driver of an Aurora Lighting van fails to look in his mirrors to check that the lane to his left is clear before recklessly pulling across, almost knocking the cyclist off his bike.

After the videowas posted, Aurora Lighting issued an apology via Twitter, which was not well received by Wilson, nor many in thecycling community. Following the initial contact, the lighting company sent him this apology, along with assurances that they would take "appropriate disciplinary action against the driver."

To top the whole sequence off, seconds after the van cut him up Mr Wilson is confronted by a people carrier blocking the bike lane. His exasparated exclamation of 'FFS,' to use the acronym, typifies his experience - one we're sure many of us can relate to.

Make your very own ice wheels

YouTube engineer-cum-mad-scientist Colin Furze made a pretty special bike last month. We ran a story showing off his ice-tyred bike earlier, and today we've got a film that shows you just how he did it.

If you are genuinely mad, and fancy doing your own ice bike, you could potentially recreate his bike using this video alone - that is, if you have access to a garage full of pretty great tools.

If you manage it, we wouldn’t suggest riding something like this down the road, but taking one down a glacier sounds like quite a lot of fun.


More ice bikes?

At the first sign of ice in the UK we're busy at Towers updating our hints and tips on how to ride safely on snow and ice.

Seeing as that may be a little way off, and there are plenty of you reading from different parts of the world where it does actually seem to snow occasionally, we thought we'd share an icy tip that we've recently recieved:

If you want to ride smoothly on ice, simply do what they did in Milwaukee in the 1940s and attach a blade to your front fork.

Would you help a blind man cycle?

Pranking people, filming it, and then whacking it on YouTube has become something of a growth sector in online video content over the last year or so. We’re therefore fully expecting to be able to produce a video round-up made using bike-based pranks exclusively, in the coming months.

In the meantime, here’s a bloke, pretending to be blind, and trying to hire and ride a bike around New York City. Ridiculous.

Fixed on fixed

Riding fixed has historically been something of a cycling niche. While it’s been adopted by the mainstream more over the last few years, the humble fixie is still widely considered to be the bike-of-choice for hipsters and bike couriers.

In this video five Australian women talk about their love for their fixed gear bikes, why they ride fixed, and the small passionate community that shares their love.

Fixed On Fixed from Raechel Harding on Vimeo.

Mianzi Rei - My Legs My Gears

To finish off our video round-up we have a little more fixie loving, only it's from the Northern Hemisphere this time. 

Former German tattoo model Mianzi Rei talks about her love for cycling, tattoos, and the story that lead her to riding fixed gear bikes, and racing in Berlin.

Mianzi Rei - My Legs My Gears from Colorado Media GmbH on Vimeo.


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jimmyd | 9 years ago

The van clip highlights perfectly why bike lanes should be seperated by kerbs.

Kim Chee replied to jimmyd | 9 years ago

 41 Boise, Idaho, USA used to have four feet of cut telephone poles separating the bike lanes from car lanes! Distressing I read they had been removed.

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