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Open up a whole new realm of bike touring holidays with this foldable caravan you can tow by BIKE

No more pitching tents in the dark - there's room for two and a little one too...

Fancy a holiday, by bike, where you can sleep anywhere you like without the hassle of pitching a tent in the cold and dark?

The towable concept micro camper by Wide Path won’t be available in time for Christmas, but should be in the shops by early 2015, allowing you and one (very close) mate  - and a child too - to have a few z’s anywhere you please.

It’s not nearly as heavy as you might expect, weighing in at 40 kg (88 lb) unloaded, but don’t plan on taking on any major hills just yet.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, it was designed by a Dane, Mads Johansen, who seemingly thought of everything - more than 300 litres of storage space for all your kit and caboodle (be careful of that additional weight though), and a solar cell to keep your phone and GPS charged.

The Wide Path is surprisingly roomy inside, withna couple of seating areas and a fold-up table. The seating folds into a bed when required, and although cosy, it’s not too claustrophobic thanks to a couple of windows with curtains for privacy.

If you’re still not sure if it’s for you, why not head over to Sønderborg in Denmark, where you can rent one for a few days’ holiday and see how you get on?

The Wide Path Camper should go on sale for around £1,600 next year.

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