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Friends of paralysed cyclist raise £10,000 in one day

22-year-old was training for army at time of crash

Friends and family of a young cyclist paralysed after a collision with a car have raised £10,000 for him – in one day.

Dan Black, of Mathern, Monmouthshire, was paralysed below his waist and on one side of his body after the accident on December 2 last year. He was cycling to work down the A48 when he collided with the car.

Police have spoken to all parties involved including the driver of the vehicle, and enquiries are ongoing. No arrests have been made so far.

The 22-year-old was hoping to join the army and was getting fit at the time of the crash. He now needs full-time care and both his parents have given up work to look after him.

Family and friends are now raising money in the hope a treatment can be found to regain his independence - and have already raised more than £10,000 in just one day of campaigning.

Last Saturday a fundraiser at Mathern Village Hall brought in £7,800.

It was held on the same day a party at the Severn Bridge Club, held by Chepstow Tesco, raised £1,500.

To cap it all, a sponsored run on Saturday across the old Severn crossing also raised £800.

The accident caused the cyclist to break his back, damage his spleen and a kidney, break two ribs, break his collar bone and fracture his skull.

An artery was also pulled from his neck, precipitating a stroke.

Mr Black was in an induced coma for five weeks - initially in the Royal Gwent but later in the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff.

Last week he was moved to Rookwood Hospital - a rehabilitation centre in Cardiff.

As he has lost the use of his right arm and hand, the aim is for staff there to teach him how to use his left hand.

“He took his BMW off-the-road so he could cycle everywhere and he was going to the gym every night,” his mum, Michaela, told the South Wales Argus. “He was the most committed person I’d ever known who wanted to go into the army.”

Members of the public can donate directly to the Help Dan Black Fund at the Lloyds Bank Branch, Manor Way, Chepstow, or call family friend Tracey Cameron on 07769502981.

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