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BBC Radio 4 ‘At Risk from Cyclists’ phone-in from 12.15pm today

Consumer affairs programme asks “Have you ever been put at risk on the road by a cyclist?”

Today’s You and Yours on Radio 4 asks callers “Have you ever been put at risk on the road by a cyclist?” The ‘At Risk from Cyclists’ episode of the consumer affairs programme is on from 12.15pm today.

The topic appears to have been inspired by a recent incident in which a pavement cyclist in Blackpool hit and injured a three-year-old girl. However, while the episode title may appear one-sided, it is hoped that the subject matter is more balanced.

The episode description makes reference to Chris Boardman’s call for stricter liability for motorists in accidents involving vulnerable road users and highlights how cycling casualties have risen in recent years. It then asks: “What's your experience on the pavement or road? Are you a cyclist who has been in an accident? Or are you a pedestrian or motorist who's been in an accident caused by a cyclist?”

If you want to get involved, you can email the show at youandyours [at] The episode itself will also be available to listen to again online afterwards.

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Brooess | 9 years ago

If it was a typical day, around 5 people were killed on the roads that day.

IIRC, obesity-related diseases are behind 30,000 deaths each year, so that's around 82 people on the same day.

So let's rant and rave about cyclists on pavements shall we? Utterly, utterly missing the point about the real problems creating harm to people in the UK by focussing on this one isolated incident...

nowasps | 9 years ago

Be interesting to hear how many people were hit by cars that same day, and how many escaped with just a few bruises. But it's not about that, it's about inflaming hatred and vilifying a minority that has no chance to fight back.

That cyclist needs educating and fining for his selfish stupidity, mind.

farrell | 9 years ago

I am frequently put in real danger and have my life threatened by cyclists.

Well, they always seem to open with "I'm a cyclist too, but..." to excuse themselves nearly killing someone with a car don't they?

congokid | 9 years ago

"it is hoped that the subject matter is more balanced"

I'm sure the programme makers won't be hoping any such thing. Every such radio or telly programme slot (Loose Women included) rapidly descends into a rabid mob calling for all sorts of sanctions against people on bikes and does nothing to make cycling on roads any safer.

All the usual tired old tropes and knee-jerk prejudices will be aired and anyone with a dissenting viewpoint such as Chris Boardman will have their views lost beneath a chorus of road tax nonsense as well as accusations of red light jumping, pavement cycling and general misbehaviour, regardless of the real danger posed to all vulnerable road users by motor vehicles.

It's ironic that the other main topic on this morning's Radio 4 news and magazine output has been endless debate on childhood obesity and its causes.

sfichele | 9 years ago

Amazing how the Daily Mail waited until after Chris Boardman's strict liability announcement, and then lied about and vilified the cyclist by claiming he "fled" the scene in a "callous" manner and that it was a "hit and run" - when in fact the cyclist stayed... a DM media master class in spin ...

Accessibility f... | 9 years ago

One incident where a child was injured by a cyclist riding where he shouldn't and it attracts national attention. That's because such things are very rare and even when they happen, result in only minor injuries.

Where are the Radio Four discussions on "Can you walk on the pavement in your road without avoiding cars parked where they shouldn't be?" or "Would you let your children walk to school alone?" or "Have you ever felt physically sick walking past a queue of idling buses and taxis?"

What about discussing the real issues, like this?

bendertherobot | 9 years ago

Picked up the Metro today. There were 10 "letters" in a similar article. All from one viewpoint.


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