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Great cycling deals on caps, Garmin, Look, + more

In this edition of the DealCatcher get 35% off the cycling cap, plus huge discounts on cycling tech, kit, and bikes

The second DealCatcher of the week is stocked full of cycling gear that will give your summer rides a boost that only a little retail therapy can.

Other than the fantastic discount on our emblazoned headgear (expires on Sunday), the DealCatcher has scoured the web to find you deals on Tour de France jerseys, a Garmin camera, a Cateye cycling computer, a pair of women's Oakley sunglasses, and so much more.

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35% off Cap
Was £14.99 now £9.75 (expires Sun 12/7)

Cycling caps complete any kit. Regardless as to whether you're already the proud owner of a jersey or a pair of bibshorts, the cycling cap is the perfect way to top off any cycling outfit. With an integrated sweatband and crushable foam brim it ticks all of the practicality boxes that you'd expect of a top-quality cycling cap.

To claim your discount on the cycling cap, all you've got to do is remember to type the coupon coad ROADCAP in the box during the checkout process.


Cycle Surgery

20% off on our TDF jerseys
WAS £61.99 NOW £49.95

If you're after something a little more seasonal, over at Cycle Surgery Tour de France Le Coq Sportif jerseys are in the price tag break away group from the peloton in which the rest of the cycling retail world currently find themselves.

The 20% discount equates to about £12 worth of savings, and you'll have the choice of five jerseys: the yellow general classification jersey, the green points jersey, the polka dot king of the mountains jersey, the white young rider's jersey, and a special Le Coq Sportif Tour themed jersey.


Science in Sport

Up to 50% off SiS bundles

Science in Sport are once again burning a bargain nutrition product trail with a fresh batch of discounted bundles.

With up to 50% in savings to be had, and a huge range of choice, what's stopping you from improving your energy and nutrition consumption, before, during, and after your rides?


Chain Reaction Cycles

55% off Garmin Virb Action Camera
WAS £219.99 NOW £99.99

Massive savings to be had over on Chain Reaction Cycles' website. Especially in the tech department.

The Garmin Virb action camera is quite the package. Our man Dave Atkinson reviewed the souped up Elite version of this product back in October last year. He seemed to like it, and at this price, we're sure he'd like it even more.



25% off Cateye Q Series 3A Cycle Computer and Heart Rate Monitor
WAS £174.99 NOW £131.71

The CatEye Q3 fills a very specific niche in the market, as far as saying it's one of the most wearably adaptable cycling computers on the market. It's up to you whether you mount the little beast on your wrist or on your bars.

Once fixed in place, the computer will do a number of things to help you on your ride. The Q3 will not only record your speed, your heart rate and your cadence data, it'll allow you to log all of that information on to your PC for ease of analysis and admiration.

We reviewed it a while back. Check out the write up here.



FREE Zipp 30 wheelset upgrade with a Look 566 2015 Special Edition
WAS £654 NOW Free with the £2525 Look 556 or £483.75

The 2015 special edition, Shimano Ultegra 11 speed-equipped Look 556 is pretty hot property. It's got a pretty hot price tag, but for a luxury sportive bike that'll not only have you riding quickly, but in surprising comfort it's nothing to gaup at.

Especially when you factor a free pair of £654 pair of Zipp 30 clincher wheels into the mix. We reviewed the wheels not long ago, you can read it here, perhaps our consensus will sway you one way or the other.



32.51% off Tortec Alloy Rack
WAS £39.99 NOW £26.99

It is summer after all, and chances are you'll be thinking about heading out for a day-or-two long cycle ride. You'll be hard pressed to manage for that long with just a backpack, so the answer is to pannier-up!

We've reviewed the Tortec Alloy racks in the past, you can read our opinion on them here, and our consensus that they are highly adaptable and at this price represent fantastic value.

Cycle Store

60% Oakley Women's Immerse Sunglasses Tortoise/ Bronze Polarized
WAS £139.99 NOW £55.98

Oakley sunglasses, style, practicality, and price tag, right? Well, not necessarily in this case. The style part is clearly subjective, however the practicality of the immersive design can't be argued with - hell, Mark Cavendish even upgraded to a one-lense pair in February.

The price tag is also not an issue with this deal. A massive 60% reduction makes these Oakleys feel excellently affordable.

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crikey | 8 years ago

I find the opposite, needing it to sit away from my head but I have little hair. One other advantage is that you can take an extra cap along for sweaty days; acts as a good disguise too;
"Yes Officer, a man with a red cap went that way..."

Paul J | 8 years ago

Crikey, I have to say I like the look of the classic lufted style of wearing a cap. However, it just doesn't work for me when riding - caps blow off, etc. I prefer having the cap tight on the head, with the back pulled lower than the front. Just more comfortable and secure.

As for sweat, I sweat a *lot* and I wear a cap because it helps with sweat (and cause it's more aero than no cap). Pulled tight, the cap wicks the sweat out to the moving air (hair doesn't), and I get less of it flowing down - also the band of the cap helps divert some of the sweat away from my eyes (with peak down I also get a steady dribble leaving the peak and in my face - but it's better than with no cap  3 ).

I suspect the wicking effect requires it pulled tight.

crikey | 8 years ago

For some reason, people feel compelled to pull the cap down tight on their heads; fine if it's going under a helmet, but it doesn't work as efficiently to get rid of sweat if you just ride with a cap.
It also looks like Norman.
If you don't require a peak, you turn it round so the peak is at the back, but you still don't need to pull it tight like a swimming cap.

Bob knows:

Sean knows:

Paul J | 8 years ago

Peak down when riding, for levermonkey's reason 'a'. Except on climbs when I often flip it up, so the sweat runs along the band to the side instead of down the peak!

farrell replied to Paul J | 8 years ago
Paul J wrote:

Peak down when riding, for levermonkey's reason 'a'. Except on climbs when I often flip it up, so the sweat runs along the band to the side instead of down the peak!

Or if you are burying yourself with your head down, it's useful to flip up to give you a better view up the road.

Flipping up post ride also helps give you somewhere more secure to perch your glasses.

And they can be flipped backwards to use the peak for neck protection if the sun is beating down.

The only hard and fast rule is that casquettes are not to be fixed in any one position, they are to be changed, moved and adjusted as per requirements as required.

levermonkey | 8 years ago

'Peak up' or 'peak down' is a bit like the 'sock length' debate. It's all down to opinion.

Personally I ride with peak down because
a) shading your eyes or keeping the rain off your glasses is the whole point of a peak, and more importantly
b) I, and let's be right most other people, look a complete and utter twat riding with the peak up.

LarryDavidJr | 8 years ago

Encouraging people to wear winners jerseys without actually winning it? tut tut .....  3

crikey | 8 years ago

There are a number of ways to wear a cycling cap. Norman Wisdom up there is not the best.

CommotionLotion replied to crikey | 8 years ago

I agree Mr Grimsdale

caaad10 replied to crikey | 8 years ago
crikey wrote:

There are a number of ways to wear a cycling cap. Norman Wisdom up there is not the best.

It is the only acceptable way to wear a cycling cap in my opinion, which alternative way would you suggest - a jaunty angle with the peak sticking out sideways??

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