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Crowd lifts Audi off critically injured Wiggle sportive rider at weekend

The 18-year-old cyclist was assisted by 15 people who tried to lift the car off him, before he was airlifted to hospital

A crowd helped lift a car off a critically injured rider at the Wiggle Cotswolds Sportive in Gloucestershire on Saturday morning.

The 18-year-old was freed from underneath the Audi A3 by about 15 people after the serious collision, near Guiting Power, in the Cotswolds.

The cyclist was then airlifted to Bristol's Southmead Hospital, reports the Gloucestershire Echo, and is being treated for life-threatening injuries.

Laura Neno, who arrived on the scene shortly after the collision, told the Echo: "Everyone involved was brilliant.

"Some lifted the car off of him and a couple of doctors who were on the ride stayed with him until the medics arrived."

The collision took place yards from a junction on a steep descent on Campden Lane, where riders from all three routes, the 105, 75 and 40 mile routes, would have entered Guiting Power. The descent curves to the right, with a crossroads at the bottom before the Campden Lane ascends again.

Campden Lane, near Guiting Power, Gloucestershire

Riders on the Wiggle Cotswolds Super Series Sportive left Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday morning between 7.45am and 9.15am.

Firefighters were sent to the scene near the junction of Campden Lane and Critchford Lane, Guiting Power, at around 10.21 on Saturday morning, and remained there for more than an hour.

Gloucestershire Police are appealing for any witnesses who have not spoken to them already to come forward. Anyone with information should contact 101 quoted incident 146 of August 15.

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trackpump | 8 years ago

Obviously I can't say what happened, I don't know.

But looking at the supposed trajectory of the rider indicated by the Police markings on the road around the bend I wouldn't think that the driver of the car was in any way responsible.

At least that's what it looked like when to me when I revisited the location the following Monday.

No doubt they'll be a full investigation.

trackpump | 8 years ago

Speaking as somone who took part in the event.

Fistly this article's description of the road/course is incorrect.
The descent traverses downhill past the crossroads with a sweeping bend to the left and not to the right.
The picture in this article is looking uphill at the sweeping right hand ascent.
This article's writer perhaps being mislead by the Glos Echo's original article's picture which they posted showing a rider going the other way up the ascent as opposed to down the descent as the course did on the day.
And this clearly wasn't a participiant as there was no number attatched to his bike.
And before anyone passes rash judgement on anyone I suggest you go and have a look at the accident investigators markings on the road and then draw your own conclusions, it looks fairly obvious what happened.
I presume the official event photographer who was located at the crossroads witnessed the incident ?
I hope both the rider and the car driver make a speedy recovery from the incident.

OldRidgeback replied to trackpump | 8 years ago
trackpump wrote:

And before anyone passes rash judgement on anyone I suggest you go and have a look at the accident investigators markings on the road and then draw your own conclusions, it looks fairly obvious what happened.

So what did happen?

thehairs1970 | 8 years ago

That's what we need here - some stupid, sweeping comments referring to drivers of certain cars. I wonder what the reaction would be if someone made a sweeping statement about cyclists?...  102

ironmancole | 8 years ago

Firstly all prayers and well wishes to the lad, yet another incident I can't comment on without details but first impression? AUDI - in my experience overly aggressive and right up there with BMW drivers.

Presume the police attended to check the car hadn't been too badly damaged? Suppose locals will now use this to protest against future events as 'they're too dangerous'?

Broady. | 8 years ago

Audi A3? Wasn't white with a private plate was it... The cyclists nemesis.

Airzound | 8 years ago

Audi A3 ………. Enough said. One of the most aggressively driven cars on the roads. I get off the road if I see one approaching me.

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