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7 reasons to ride this #mycyclingweekend

So you pledged to bike to work on #CycleToWorkDay, here are 7 reasons why you should pledge to ride this #mycyclingweekend

Getting back in the saddle after a long time out can be as tough on the mind as it is on the legs. If yesterday was the first time you'd ridden to work in a long time, well done, but don't stop there!

Here at we've all spent time out of the saddle - whether it was due to injury, circumstance or lack of motivation - but no matter what issues we've faced, we've always found a way to rediscover our love for cycling.

Now it's your turn. And fortunately, we're here to help.

Cycling is a fantastic way to commute. Not only does it leave you feeling pumped-up and motivated for the working day, it keeps you healthy in the legs and in the head. But there's no reason to leave those benefits confined to the working week, infact, we've found that cycling at the weekend can be even more beneficial.

Below you'll find a list of the reasons that we love riding at the weekend, and advice on how you too can make the most out of every #mycyclingweekend from here on out.

1. Getting social

Commutes are great for getting to and from work. But, riding your bike isn't necessarily any less isolating than your standard commute.

Sure, sitting on a train, gazing into your smartphone, and avoiding conversation with the smelly bloke sat next to you, sucks, but riding your bike alone isn't exactly the most socially engaging pastime ever.

So, start exploring the cycling clubs in your area, we promise you, the camaraderie that you'll experience on a group ride will change your perception of cycling.

In the age of technology, barriers preventing you from finding fellow cyclists can be overcome with ease. The best place to start looking for a cycling club near you is Strava. Check out the app's club search tool under the explore tab on the Strava website.




2. Enjoying feeling better

When you pull up to work on your bike you don't get a whole lot of time to enjoy the exhillerating feeling of achievement that you deserve.

The same thing happens when you get home from a a long working day. You'll probably get home more mentally exhausted than you are physically. You'll struggle to enjoy all of those post bike riding benefits - we're talking ego boost, endorphin rush, and those wobbly legs that tell you that you rode hard - if you're completely done in.

So, ride on a day when you haven't got work. Get home, pop your feet up, sit in front of the telly, or next to your significant other (after you've had a shower of course) and simply enjoy the serenity of body and mind after a sensational weekend bike ride - there's really no feeling like it.



Catching up on #lavuelta... and showing off the souvenir from today's ride in the #pyrenees #mycyclingweekend #cyclingtan

A photo posted by Emma Flattery (@kiwicyclelust) on



3. Sharing the joy

We've mentioned already that cycling is better when it's shared. We mentioned that joining a club or going out for a ride with friends is a great way of making the most of your cycling weekend, but there's something even more rewarding than that: bringing a bicycle into someone's life.

Now we're not talking charity cases here - although we know that bicycles can change lives - we're talking about those little ones in your life. Here at we've all been riding from a young age, and those of us with children have had them on two wheels since they were old enough to walk.

We can safely say that sharing a bike ride with kids, and seeing their faces light up, is just as rewarding as climbing a mountain or completing a challenging sportive.



4. Riding somewhere new

Freedom is one of the feelings we enjoy most when we're flying down country lanes or over steep city hills.

At the weekend you're not restricted by time or fuel, just how many miles you've got in your legs and how many new roads you want to see.

Regardless as to whether you live in Pyrenean foothills or a London suburb, there are beautiful roads near you - we promise.

And hey, there might even be an event or two near you so you can enjoy new roads with new people - check out the RideCatcher for those.

Again, Strava is a great place to look for challenging new roads, or placses of particular beauty in and around your area. Just use the route searching tool - many of the rides around your area will have comments by the creator which will hopefully give you an idea about what to expect.




5. Trying out new bike bits

If there's one thing that beats opening a delivery from your bike retailer of choice, it's trying out the new kit that you've bought yourself.

You too can try out some new kit this weekend. Just head over the this week's edition of the DealCatcher for some fantastic bargain bike bits from Hargroves Cycles.



6. Winning

Most weekend rides aren't a competition. The only rewards you'll receive for beating a personal best or climbing a new hill are pride and endorphins.

By participating in each edition of the #mycyclingweekend, you'll be in with a chance of winning a BTwin 300 Multi Tool from Decathlon, and if you're lucky a little something from us here at

But remember, you can't win without sending us a photo of your weekend ride!




7. Boasting

Now, don't shoot us. We're not talking about boasting in the traditional sense. We're not about to start flaunting expensive gear or showering ourselves in glory after climbing a relatively tame local hill.

We're talking about reveling in the joy that is riding a bicycle. It's something we can all relate to, and it's something the rest of the non-cycling world need to understand a little better, don't you think?

And really, there's no better way of doing that than sharing your #mycyclingweekend photo with us and with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Just pop the hashtag into any of your posts, and wait for Monday's #mycyclingweekend round-up to see if you've featured!




Have we missed something out? Why are you riding this #mycyclingweekend? Tell us in the comments section below - or upload a photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of course.

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