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Second Vulpine #DoGoodFriday in aid of World Bicycle Relief

20 per cent of online sales will be devoted to the charity

The firm is encouraging its customers and friends to give money to World Bicycle Relief via Pledgit and will match what is donated pound-for-pound up to a value of £2,500. In addition to this, 20 per cent of today’s online sales will also be given.

Black Friday savings could transform lives, says charity

Founded in 2005, in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami, World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to mobilising people. The charity’s aim is to provide sustainable, appropriate bicycle transportation to individuals and communities in 15 countries across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia so that people can travel to schools, clinics and markets.

Vulpine founder, Nick Hussey, said: "Cycling enriches lives to bring fun, health and freedom. But for many, cycling can offer even more: life, education, opportunity and hope. These things are even more important to our fellow humans, and so I'm delighted we have the opportunity to fundraise for World Bicycle Relief.”

Explaining the project on Vulpine’s website, Stephen Cromwell, Director for World Bicycle Relief, said:

“Across the world many people in rural areas don’t have much say when it comes to getting from A to B. They walk. That’s it. Shank’s Pony, Hobsons Choice. Need to get to school? Bring food and water for the family? You walk and you carry. This wastes a huge amount of time and energy and denies them the chance to improve their lives. Distance is a barrier, time an enemy.

“But the bicycle is an incredible solution. With a bike someone can travel four times as far, carry five times as much and save hours each day that would have been spent walking. But their bike needs to be right for them and their environment. World Bicycle Relief is an organisation that has developed a bike for people who live in remote rural areas in Africa. It’s called the Buffalo and it’s very strong, reliable, can cope with the terrain and importantly can be repaired and parts replaced in villages which are hundreds of miles from the nearest bike shop.”

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