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The Magnificent Seven – sportive meets hill climbing in Sheffield

Closed road event will see riders tackling seven timed climbs

A new cycling challenge known as The Magnificent Seven will see 60 cyclists tackling a series of climbs in Sheffield. Almost like a hill climb stage race, points will be awarded for the ten fastest riders up each slope with the overall winners will be given a trophy and crowned King and Queen of the Mountains.

Taking place on Sunday March 13 and organised by Sheffrec Cycling Club, The Magnificent Seven will be the headline event in The Outdoor City Weekender.

There will be a full road closure for each climb with riders given escorts and a lead car between each of the seven hills. Although the total distance is just 19.3 miles, it will involve 3,232ft of climbing.

Yorkshire Tour legacy - Three closed road cycle circuits planned for county

The hills begin with Highcliffe Road, 0.3 miles at an average gradient of 13 per cent, and finish with Foxhall Lane, the longest slope at 1.1km and an average gradient of 10 per cent.

Two of the hills, Birkendale Road and Blake Street, are just 150 metres long, but both boast a 14 per cent average gradient.

Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for business, skills, development and tourism, told the Sheffield Telegraph: “We are really excited to host the Magnificent Seven. This is the kind of event that people expect to see in The Outdoor City and with the support of Sheffield’s strong cycling community we are thrilled that it is a headline event at the first Weekender.”

At the time of writing, 45 places remained. Entry costs £20. More information on registration is available here.

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therealsmallboy | 8 years ago

I'm doing this. Looking forward to it, Birkendale is going to be a proper test. The toughest hill on the route is Hagg though, by far.


Not sure how I'll get on sprinting up hills in March, but hey ho!


And yep, the organiser got the idea from the Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen. Something to aim for definitely.


LarryDavidJr, don't worry about that mate- get entered.

Stefan | 8 years ago

What it doesn't  mention is that Birkendale road is also cobbled just in case you thought, you know, 14% average gradient wasn't hard enough.

LarryDavidJr | 8 years ago

I'd love to do this one too, but at just 60 places I'd feel like I was taking a place from someone who might actually be good at it!

LarryDavidJr | 8 years ago

Sounds like a local version of Pittsburghs Dirty Dozen:

A pretty interesting way to spend half an hour, watch it with a beer.

Really want to do it one year.

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