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Oval R911 Forks schwag - we have a winner!

Add some speed to your ride with our most aero schwag grab ever

Tiffin is but a distant memory and the e-hat is full of iStrips of paper with all your names on, so let's not delay further. In goes the virtual hand and out comes the name of...


"Please don't let me be (jet)foiled again", says he, and indeed you're not, you're our winner. Big congratulations and sorry to all those that missed out, don't worry there'll be plenty more chances to win on


This week we are giving away possibly the most exotic and certainly one of the most expensive Schwag grab prizes we've ever had, a set of Oval Jetfoil R911 forks worth £449.99 courtesy of our good mates at Upgrade Bikes. If you want to go faster or you'd simply like to feel a touch• more aero this is the prize you've been waiting.

Honed in the wind tunnel and designed with input from the worlds of aeronautics and Formula 1 the Jetstreams are reckoned to be the most aerodynamic forks in the world. They work by channeling air away from the top of the wheel directing it behind the deep section slotted blades which hug the wheel closely. They are also UCI and ITU legal should you be thinking of entering any UCI or ITU ratified events.

Oval Jetfoil R911 forks grace top of the tree bikes in both the pro peloton and in the world of triathlon - most of us can only dream about owning a pair, but one lucky users can have one for keeps for free. All you've got to do if you want a faster front end is comment below and the randomiser will do the rest come cake time next Tuesday.

We tested a pair of R911s  last year, read our review to find out more about them or check out the Oval Concepts website. We loved 'em although the price made Jon B feel slightly faint. Our prize is a pristine and lovely 2010 Jetstream fork that has been nestling in a cupboard here at not being particularly aero at all. Now is the time to set it free…

Usual Schwag Grab rules apply and because this Grab is so expensive and we said a few sentences back we're leaving it open until next Tuesday. Good luck 

*Okay, quite a bit more than a touch.

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