Land Rover driver doesn’t seem to accept race has police permission

The driver of a Land Rover Discovery recently put young racing cyclists at risk by pushing past a race marshal, on the wrong side of the road, just before a blind bend.

The uploader writes that after then being begged to keep moving, the driver reversed to continue the argument.

“He showed real arrogance and reckless disregard for other road users, not least the lives of cyclists. Fortunately the race passed this idiot without incident but he should be ashamed of his behaviour. Every other driver over the course of 6 hours of racing was courteous and patient.”

In the footage, the driver can be heard repeatedly questioning the marshal’s authority and he seems not to believe that the event has police permission.

“I bet you’re not given police authority to just block the road,” he says.

“Yes we are,” replies the marshal. “How else do we stop the traffic coming round the corner and make it safe for people turning the corner?”

At this, the motorist drives off.

In 2014, several sportive riders ignored instructions to get off the road and put themselves in the path of the Yorkshire Region Road Race Championship. A marshal who filmed the incident said these were the only riders to do so during the three hours of the race, with hundreds of charity riders obeying the eight closures they encountered.

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