CAUTION - Extreme swearing in video shot on rider's South London commute last Friday...

A cyclist has posted helmet camera footage to YouTube of his encounter last Friday with a motorist who unleashed a four letter rant on him in South London.

Despite being in a slow-moving queue of motorised traffic, it seems the driver was upset with the rider being in the middle of the lane.

His anger, and use of some extremely colourful language, increased when the cyclist declined to use a cycle lane – although there is no legal requirement to do so, and often road layout means it is safer to use the main carriageway.

In the description of the video on YouTube, user 4ChordsNoNet said: “This is a fine example of how some, and I stress some, motorists think that cyclists should cycle on the left and keep out of their way.

“When he first tooted me there was literally nowhere for him to go. I wasn't holding him up, in fact throughout the entire video I didn't delay his journey for one second.

“I chose to ignore him, rather than engage with him, and this seemed to wind him up a tad,” he added, with supreme understatement.

In the video, shot at Mitcham Common, the motorist shouted at the cyclist: “You really don’t want to get run over you know.

“You’re in the middle of the road like a motorbike.

“You’re not a motorbike. Go back to cycling school.”

With the bike rider continuing to take the lane, as he is fully entitled to do, the motorist became increasingly angry.

He said: “If you get run over, what are going to tell me then? “You c*nt. Can you see the cycle lane on your f*cking left?

“Can you see it? You fucking tosspot. You fucking c*nt,” he added.

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