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Craft beer for cyclists launches in the UK at the London Bike Show (+ video)

Quaff those Alpine minerals and feel them doing something-or-other

Dutch cycling beer brand à BLOC has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Symbid. They’re looking to raise at least €250,000 by the end of the month with a view to expanding their efforts around the world. So far, they’ve topped €100,000 with 13 days to go.

Riding "à bloc" means going "flat out" and the beer is claimed to be “the perfect drink for after a ride.”

We daresay the accuracy of that claim may hinge on your cycling goals and your understanding of the word ‘perfect’. However, many of us have a complex self-reward system inextricably entwined with our riding, so we wouldn’t criticise you for deliberately choosing to take their claims at face value.

The 4.9% beer is described as, “a refreshing, unfiltered blonde beer, rich in proteins and vitamins.” The men behind it, Dutchmen Daan Van Well and Martijn Snelder, also say they’ve added Alpine minerals to improve rehydration and recovery.

Alpine minerals are of course the best ones for cycling, because, you know, climbs and that.

Interestingly, the recipe was created with a brewer in the Netherlands, but will be brewed elsewhere.

“Many breweries have overcapacity that we can use,” says the team. “This enables us to brew our beer without having to invest in any equipment or buildings, close to the cycling communities we serve around the world, making for a better quality beer. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Once brewed, the beer is distributed through cycling channels. It’s already available in the Netherlands and was recently launched in Australia at the Tour Down Under.

The beer’s currently being imported to the UK, but they’re looking to team up with a local brewer.

There’ll be an à BLOC Bicycle Bar at next month’s London Bike Show, an event with Rouleur at Look Mum No Hands! on Friday February 17 and it’ll also be available online through Ales by Mail.

Their appearance at the London Bike Show will also see a crowdfunding investor given a carbon fibre FARA bike.

If you invest, you will get seven per cent interest on your investment and a 30 per cent discount on the share price when you become a shareholder. There are more details on the campaign page.

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captain_slog | 7 years ago

I've seen "à bloc" translated as "full gas". Could be pretty fizzy, then.

drosco | 7 years ago

After the rise of the craft bike it was inevitable. 2017, the year of the hipster.

Yorky-M | 7 years ago

I thought Guinness was good for us -with all the iron, then I was told, the alcohol presence  destroys any useful  nutritional benfits.

Is this true?

But then again I dont drink it for the vits

flathunt | 7 years ago

I guess it'd be an equally nice beer for after a shitty 2 hour bus commute from a long shift flipping burgers, but then your marketing dollar wouldn't achieve such a high return, best call it something cycling something.

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