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11 things we've learned this week

Tour predictions, too may near misses and a glowing endorsement of the humble fiver. Here's 11 bike-themed things we've learned this week.....

1. The humble fiver has more uses than you think

Bank Of England Five Pound Note in tyre.JPG

Our man John Stevenson gave his thoughts on the £5 note, in a glowing review that rated both its ability to provide temporary inner tube protection and purchase baked goods. We’ve yet to see a Rapha version or any discounts online, to answer two of our many comments on this review: your best bet is enquiring with the Bank of England

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2. It’s unfortunate we have enough material to run a near miss of the day feature

In fact, we’ve got up to three a day since we started ‘Near Miss of the Day’ at the start of this week. We live in the hope that one day we’ll run out of material, but until that day arrives Near Miss of the Day will keep rolling on.

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3. Team Sky are fully focussed on a fourth Froome victory

Chris Froome Team Sky white jersey 2017 Tour de France.jpg

Sky’s Le Tour team is fully committed to supporting Chris Froome win for the fourth time in five years. Surprising omissions were Peter Kennaugh and Wout Poels, who both made a huge contribution towards victory last year; however it’s believed both have been struggling with injuries recently.

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4. Sometimes, perhaps brands overcomplicate their jersey design

Rapha Womens Souplesse Lightweight Jersey II - hem.jpg


“My eyes, my eyes!; “That legit gave me a nosebleed”… were two of the comments we received on our review of the Souplesse Lightweight jersey from high-end cycling apparel brand Rapha. Though our reviewer Ashia was a fan, maybe they’re trying too hard on the loud patterns. 

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5. Apparently, you can print a bridge

That was the news coming out of the Netherlands, as it was announced a new bike bridge is being 3D printed in parts and will be put together on site at a roundabout connecting the N605 and N272 in Gemert. Made from pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, it will be the first bridge of its kind. 

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6. The Lance Armstrong saga has reared its ugly head once again

Lance Armstrong Photo by Maryse Alberti, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

This time it’s regarding the disgraced cyclists’ financial track record, as Armstrong faces a $100m trial for civil fraud based around the allegation that he misuses federal funds because his team were sponsored by the US Postal Service. Armstrong’s lawyers have demanded that evidence from the 2012 report from the US anti-doping agency plus witnesses such as Betsy Andreu and Greg LeMond are excluded from the trial, citing “prejudicial bias”.

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7. There’s already some tasty 2018 bikes showing up at pro races

bmc teammachine video.png


Including the new BMC Teammachine been ridden at the Tour de Suisse. It’s said to be lighter, stiffer and more compliant than the previous version, with newly shaped seatstays and a compact rear triangle aim to contribute to increased seated comfort. 

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8. High speed chases involving dogs, bikes and traffic makes for nervous viewing    

Cyclist chases dog in Mexico City traffic.JPG

Footage of a cyclist giving a two minute chase through heavy traffic in Mexico to catch up with a runaway dog left twitter relieved when both dog and cyclist eventually emerged unscathed, as a passer-by managed to grab its lead.

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9. The Tour de Pharmacy film looks insane, judging by the latest trailer

A new extended length trailer has been released for the mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy, about a fictitious period in cycling where everyone was on drugs. The film is due to air in the US on 8 July, featuring a host of starts including Kevin Bacon, Orlando Blum, Jeff Goldblum, Mike Tyson and even a cameo from Lance Armstrong.

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10. Vigilante Vine shops yet another irresponsible road/level crossing user

Cyclist at level crossing (via Laughingcow on Twitter).JPG

The broadcaster brought attention to footage of an impatient and seriously stupid cyclist who jumped a level crossing by sharing it on his twitter feed. The driver of the train suffered psychological trauma after coming within inches of hitting the man, and a £2,000 reward is being offered by the police for information on his identity. 

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11. When you lock your bike, be sure to lock the actual frame rather than just the wheels

Wheels, nicked bike.png


Oh deary, deary me…

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