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Floyd Landis' cannabis brand introduce hemp oil natural pain relief supplement

The Floyd's of Leadville Hemp Oil supplement is said to provide an 'non-addictive, natural recovery solution' for dealing with pain...

You couldn't make it up, as the old adage goes... but now a brand fronted by Floyd Landis, infamous for his use of very unnatural substances during his pro cycling career, has introduced an all-natural remedy for relieving pain in the form of soft-gel capsules made from hemp oil. 

Described on the Floyd's of Leadville website as 'a former Tour de France champion', Landis had issues with hip pain throughout his career and says of his new concoction: “The therapeutic uses for CBD can't be ignored. For years I relied on opioid pain relievers to treat my hip pain. With this hemp oil, I find that I can manage my pain and have a better quality of life. We need to give people a safer alternative.” 

The pesticide free all-natural hemp oil within the capsules is known for its relaxing effects, and it also contains essential fatty acids to offer additional health benefits. There's 20mg of cannabidiol in each serving, with no artificial additives or preservatives. 


Floyd Landis hemp oil .png

Landis and a friend looking chilled and pain-free


Floyd's of Leadville hemp oil capsules are 'perfectly legal everywhere' and shipping out worldwide now, priced at $49.95 for 30 servings. It's regrettable that Landis didn't always resort to natural substances during his professional cycling career, but after claiming that cannabis products have helped him to deal with chronic pain and depression, it's good to see that one of the sport's fallen stars is once again on a high... 



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mitchibob | 6 years ago

Looks like the side-effects still include "the munchies"

earth | 6 years ago

Milk of the poppy next?

Yorkshire wallet | 6 years ago

Still $50 a month for pain relief. Can you get CBD stuff on the NHS?

simonmb | 6 years ago

"Floyd's of Leadville hemp oil capsules are 'perfectly legal everywhere' " - I think you'd struggle to find them on shelves in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait - but if you can get them where you live, or something similar, do it. 

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