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London cycle commuting surges in face of Tube strike

Barclays Cycle Hire scheme sees 60% increase

It may not be a scientific study, but undertook a scan of London webcams during the peak commuting hour this morning to get a feel for how the Tube strike has affected the number of cyclists commuting in the capital today.


We used the website to monitor a selection of traffic cameras from Transport for London and other webcams, and having viewed images from the same cameras yesterday, it does appears there has been a considerable increase in cycle commuting today.

Our observations are backed up by Transport for London who say there was a 60% increase in use of the newly launched Barclays Cycle Hire scheme between 8.00 and 9.00am this morning compared to yesterday's usage.

Further anecdotal evidence of the cycling surge is being provided by Twitter posts.
One member of the cycling Twitterati, Vladimir Becerra, sounded especially pleased with his commute, tweeting: “This morning was pretty gangsta' - Might start doing it more often! Feeling suppa' - Thx @ TFLtubstrike 4 the encouragement.”

Another who had taken the car was already regretting his decision. Dougie Cow tweeted: “The only good thing about taking the car to work is you stay dry. Wish I'd taken the bike, I'd rather be wet & happy cycling.”

If you commuted by bike in London today what was your experience? Post a comment below to give us your perspective on a day when cycling has once again taken centre stage in the life of the capital.

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