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11 things we've learned this week

Here are 11 things we've learned this week on two wheels.....

1. Ed Sheeran? Hard as nails

Ed_Sheeran,_V_Festival_2014,_Chelmsford_ licensed CC BY 2.0.jpg

Say what you like about his music, but after falling off his bike, breaking both arms and carrying on to the nearest pub to get help, we've a new found respect for the Norfolk balladeer. 
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2. This definitely wouldn't be on our bucket list while out on a ride

Plastic buckets (CC licensed by Eric L via Flickr).jpg

As a Lincolnshire motorist A Sleaford motorist was given a formal warning by police after allegedly throwing a bucket at a cyclist as he overtook, one commenter pointed out: "why was this even charged as a motoring offence?" It's certainly a worrying precedent that the person in question was given a mere ticking off. 
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3. This laser helmet idea isn't exactly lighting up your lives

beacon helmet.png

You weren't thrilled by the idea of a laser-projecting helmet, judging by the comments - and now Beacon Helmet has potentially ran into trouble with Blaze for patent violation. 
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4. Even once you've forked out the cash, it's tough to keep hold of a push bike nowadays

Bike thief

We touched on it last week, and now some hard stats: July 2016 to July 2017 saw 100,788 incidents of cycle theft reported to police compared to 84,685 in the previous 12 months. It's pretty depressing reading, and even more reason to guard your pride and joy in every which way possible. 
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5. Boddingtons, bikes... a match made in heaven

Boddingtons Bitter has been relaunched with a cycling-themed ad, including melanie Sykes reprising the 'role' that shot her to fame 21 years ago. Cheers... 
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6. The reputation of Audi drivers might be about to improve, a bit...

Exit warning system 1 (Audi).jpg

Someone let Chris Grayling know... The new Audi A8 will lock its doors if it detects a cyclist approaching, meaning the driver and passengers should be unable to door someone. It's a start, we suppose!  
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7. Deary me Halfords... 

HSBC UK National Cycling Centre (picture copyright British Cycling)

 A number of consumers are threatening to boycott Halfords for suggesting that there is strong evidence that all cyclists should be issued with a number plate. It didn't exactly go down well with readers either, and British Cycling released a statement saying the idea is a "non-starter" and that laws should be developed using using evidence.
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8. MTB or road? Both! 

road vs mtb.png

Madison launched its clothing range 40 years ago in June, and pitched two of their best riders against each other from mtb and road teams to see who comes out on top. Which is best? Whatever makes you happy, we say! 
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9. 941 kilomtres? Could've made it 1000, Christoph!

Christoph Strasser 24 hour velodrome record (source

Austrian ultracylist Christoph Strasser set a new world record for the distance ridden on a velodrome in 24 hours, riding an astonishing 941.873 kilometres at the Velodrome Suisse at over 39 kilometres an hour. That's one hell of an effort, ouch...
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10. The Tour de France is going to seriously test out riders' bike handling skills 

How's Froomey on gravel? We'll find out if he's fit and well for the 2018 edition of Le Tour, as the route will include gravel sections and cobbles on top of the usual punishing climbs. 
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11. On the subject of Chris Froome, we think this award on top of his many other achievements is well deserved 


Chris Froome has won the Velo d’Or, one of the most prestigious awards in cycling, for the third time. This year saw the Team Sky rider become the first man to follow up victory in the Tour de France by winning the Vuelta since the Spanish race moved to its current late season slot. You can't say this isn't thoroughly well deserved, what a year for the tireless champ... 
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