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Join us for the Zwift Group Workout tonight at 6.45pm

Get involved for a half hour virtual blast around the streets of London, where we're hoping for a flashmob of riders to take over the course! ...

Tonight at 6.45pm GMT we'll be hosting a virtual group ride on Zwift with a live stream of the event... and there's no need to worry about falling off the back (or being too far in front of us slow coaches), as with the new Group Workout feature everyone stays together! 

Zwift on's YouTube channel

All the Zwifters on the ride line up as normal at the start, and then the Group Workout begins. The difference between this and a normal Zwift event is that regardless of whether you're putting out 100 watts or 400 watts, everyone stays together. You'll only fall behind if you stop pedalling and fall six metres behind the group, so basically you just need to complete the session to the best of your own ability.  

group workout 3.png


All you need to do is sign in to the game and then click 'going' on the Zwift Group Workout from the upcoming events. The events are in chronological order, so for example if you click join at 4pm it will say 'starting in 2 hours', just so you know you're joining the right session. 

The workout

The session is called 'Jon's Short Mix', and if you want to get a solid effort done in half an hour, this is a fun one to do. There are a few sprints and also an SST (sweet spot training) block to build up your functional threshold power, all wrapped up in just 30 minutes. The virtual course is a flat route around Central London. It's highly recommended you take an FTP test before taking part in a structured workout (see more info on how to do one here), but if you do guestimate we'd advise you to aim low or you'll be hurting by the end!  

What's more, Zwift will also be live streaming the workout from HQ, where our man Dave Atkinson will be joined by Nathan Guerra from Zwift. The link to view the live stream is here, and you can also view it via Zwift's Facebook page. You may even spot your avatar on the stream, so this is your chance to become Zwift-famous! 

Click here to see more details about the event, and we'll virtually see you tonight... 



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