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Workers block shared-use path with signage while carrying out safety work at spot where rider was killed

Tim Atkins fell into the road and was killed on stretch of path

Cycle campaigners have expressed fury that contractors have blocked a stretch of shared use path where a rider recently fell into traffic and died.

Just 100 yards away from the spot where Tim Atkins died on the narrow corner of Burrfields Road and Eastern Road outside the Harvester pub in Portsmouth, Colas installed a temporary speed restriction sign.

Ian Saunders, from Portsmouth Cycle Forum, told Portsmouth News: “We don’t want to have cyclists in Portsmouth put in danger.

“The council’s contractor has to be aware and risk assess where they’re putting this signage and who they’re putting in danger.

“That’s the first thing but they don’t seem to be doing it.

“There are other places they could put it if they used a bit of flexibility.”

He added: “It’s completely insensitive to friends and family of Tim.”

We reported recently how Tim Atkins suffered fatal head injuries when he fell into traffic on Portsmouth’s Eastern Road.

He was riding to work in Havant on June 2nd at around 5.30pm.

On a shared path, he was involved in a collision with Thomas Fyall, touching shoulders when they came round a corner towards one another.

He then fell into the road, where he suffered multiple head fractures after colliding with the rear of a south-bound Ford Transit in Eastern Road.

He died at the side of the road.

Portsmouth City Council, which pays roads contractor Colas, said it had asked for the sign to be moved.

Martin Lavers, assistant director of transport at the council, said: “We’ve spoken to our contractor, Colas, and they’ll remove the sign from the path as soon as possible.

“It will be replaced with one attached to a lamp-post. This will give more room for pedestrians and cyclists on the footpath.

“A sign is needed to tell drivers to slow down for roadworks and temporary traffic lights at the junction.

“The work will make the junction safer for people walking and cycling, and reduce congestion.”

Cllr Simon Bosher, cabinet member for traffic transportation, said the council’s “condolences are with Tim Atkins’ family and friends’”

He said plans are “underway to make improvements to this part of the Eastern Road in the coming months’ but that ‘we will obviously give serious consideration to any requests the coroner makes”.


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Wolfcastle50 | 6 years ago
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They thought about the cycle lane near me a lot when they f did roadworks on it and closed 5m worth of it. They put lots of sign s up to tell everyone it would be closed. Where did the put the signs? In the cycle lane. Each sign being it's own closure as bad as the real one.

burtthebike | 6 years ago

Fortunately, the DfT have issued guidance about cyclists at road works, and it says:

"Equipment and Materials:
Care should be taken not to place cones, signs and other items in locations likely to cause hazards to cyclists."

Definitely worth pointing out that if there is any injury to a cyclist as a result of introducing a hazard, the council and contractors could be sued.

Stef Marazzi | 6 years ago

Who hates cyclists? White van men.

Who do they get to work on cycling infrastructure? White van men

No wonder its so shit.

Flying Scot | 6 years ago

They dont give a shit about the cycle lanes as soon as there are road works they’re a dumping ground for signage and certainly in Glasgow, they don’t ramp across cable trenches to cycle lanes, they just isolate them during roadworks.

Awavey | 6 years ago

if the sign is for roadworks and road users, put it on the road, where theylll see it, who knows they might actually slow down for it. Had very similar thing happen near where I live the contractors had just dumped all the signage for the hole they were digging in the road on the cycle path, I contacted the council, and my local councilor and we got them to move it with a reminder to the contractor they were obliged to follow council rules on working on roads/pavements and appropriate signage placement. I think thats part of the problem once you outsource this stuff, youve got to do more than just hope they do the job properly

EddyBerckx | 6 years ago

The CS3 beside the a13 (the old school CS3) routinely has these fucking signs dumped there blocking the path. Heading East at night they are almost invisible until you hit them as there is no reflective on them or cones and also, you have 3 lanes of headlights in your face.

But at least the car drivers know there'll be a diversion in 3 months if they happen to be driving past midnight on a Saturday or some bullshit.

"Super Highway"

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