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Videos: Royal Mail drivers in collisions with cyclists

Warning: footage features a (perfectly understandable) burst of colourful language

In this first video, a Royal Mail driver cuts in on Alex Potter and hits him. By way of defence, the driver asks the rhetorical question: “Am I not in my lane?”

The Met Police’s Cycle Safety Team don’t seem to feel that’s a pertinent question.

Royal Mail also replied to Potter’s tweet – although Andy Thornley’s comment above would imply this isn’t necessarily indicative of any great follow-up action on their part.

Apparently cyclists have enough dicey encounters with Royal Mail vehicles that it can legitimately be considered ‘a thing’.

Here’s someone being cut up. Here’s a van cutting across a cycle lane without looking.

And here’s a staggering clip of someone in a cycle lane getting hit by the wing mirror of an oncoming Royal Mail van.


Uploader Mike Hall writes: “I was in a dedicated cycle lane and came to a complete stop before I was struck in the arm by the van’s wing mirror which resulted in minor bruising. The vehicle pulled into the cycle lane without signalling and without due care for other road users. I was wearing high visibility clothing. The driver failed to stop.”

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