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Crowdfunding campaign launched for "World's Safest Bike"

System at heart of veliSo Mirage ARAS can also be retrofitted to existing bikes

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for what is claimed to be “the World’s Safest Bike,” the veliSo Mirage ARAS, with its designers setting out a goal that no cyclist will be killed or injured while using it.

Developed by Vélo Capital Partners, based in Lyon, France, the bike employs a so-called Advanced Rider Assistance System, which can also be retrofitted to existing bikes.

In a press release, the company said:

It will provide collision warning, automatic emergency braking, automatic electronic tire pressure management and optimum braking control and stopping power with anti-lock braking.

The véliSo Mirage ARAS will be enabled by the world’s first brake by wire unit, world’s first electronic tire pressure management unit, world’s first 360° sensor array unit and world’s first central control unit (CCU).

The company, which aims to be mainly an OEM supplier to brands in the bicycle industry, is seeking $500,000 in funding through its campaign on Indiegogo, which launched today.

Rewards on offer to backers comprise:

$175 – véliSo V-AM1.2 Electronic Tire Pressure Management System

$375 – véliSo Brake by Wire Unit

$475 – veliSo Mirage ARAS V-AM2 Lite, comprising brake by wire unit, sensor array unit and central control unit

$675 – véliSo V-AM1.3 Sensor Array Unit. Includes front and rear sensor array units radar, camera and ultrasound sensors with electronic control unit for collision and blind spot warning

$775 – Full véliSo Mirage ARAS V-AM1 Retrofit Kit, including brake by wire unit, electronic tire pressure management unit, sensor array unit and central control unit

$6,775 – véliSo V-1 e-Assist Commuter Bike with Fully Integrated Mirage ARAS.

Patrick Keating, managing director of Vélo Capital Partners, said: “Since 2012 we’ve been focused on innovation in the global cycling industry.

“In 2015 we decided to form véliSo to focus on solving the problems we identified in CYCLING 4.0 with intelligent solutions.

“These problems require advanced technology with a convergence of electronics, software and telecommunications driven by advanced algorithms.”

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Hirsute | 6 years ago
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Does it automatically reposition you on the road if it detects a car door is about to open?
Does it have a big fender for contra lane cycling to avoid head on collisions?

brooksby replied to Hirsute | 6 years ago

hirsute wrote:

Does it automatically reposition you on the road if it detects a car door is about to open?

I imagine that a teleport unit will be fitted to the Mark 2  3

matthewn5 | 6 years ago

It MUST be a joke. Only explanation.

leqin | 6 years ago

I don't see a reward level for the guided rocket launcher - you know for those close passes I take exception to.

On a real note - they said the Titanic couldn't sink - do they realise how bloody stupid it sounds to claim that nobody will be killed or injured while using it and what excuse have they prepared for when the worst happens?

Pub bike | 6 years ago

Automatic braking will be scary.  If the rider isn't concentrating (the use case this is aimed at) and doesn't have both hands holding the bars equally firmly and the brakes are applied, the rider's body will move forward and the hand holding the bar more firmly will cause the rider to veer in one direction, which could put the rider in more danger.

Leviathan | 6 years ago

Really, I though it was the 2 ton metal box on the wrong side of the road that was the risk, not my dope skillz.

Canyon48 | 6 years ago
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jerome | 6 years ago

Although a prototype, I'd be ashamed to show such an ugly work + that man never rode a bike.

jnthnwd | 6 years ago

For an extra ten grand, he'll sell you a slightly used shark cage, which may be bus & truck resistant (or not).

jova54 | 6 years ago

More crowd-funded snake oil.

Massive technology doesn't stop drivers and passengers being killed in fatal car crashes; why should it make a difference to bike riders who seldom cause the crashes they are involved in?

StuInNorway | 6 years ago

I think he may got his statistics backwards, that 90% of deaths ad injuries are NOT caused my rider error.


Shouldbeinbed | 6 years ago

90% of cycling fatalities caused by rider error? Really?? I don't hear a citation for where he's got that one from. Gave up shortly after that.

Seems like they're trying to dive on the victim blame bandwagon to make a quick buck.

don simon fbpe | 6 years ago
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Whose boobs is he trying to grab?

hawkinspeter | 6 years ago


How does it stop vehicles colliding with you?

jasecd | 6 years ago

Total bullshit - why are you giving this the oxygen of publicity?

gforce | 6 years ago

Not very aero...

Seriously though, those stats sound like BS to me, and really how is this going to stop a car left-hooking you?!


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