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11 things we've learned this week

11 bike-related things we've learned this week.....

1. Here's a good reason to ditch your motor

 If Sagan and Schwarzenegger say so, you're probably better off heeding their advice! In a video message, Sagan gave his support to the efforts of former governor of California Schwarzenegger and Mayor of Pairs Anne Hidalgo to get more people cycling for their daily journeys. Hear, hear... 
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2. It looks like Lance is back for good, and the backlash isn't as scathing as you'd think

Lance Armstrong Flanders.PNG


We had quite a few readers defending the decision to make Lance Armstrong the keynote speaker at next year's Tour of Flanders - you can't deny he might have some interesting opinions to share, regardless of his dastardly past.   
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3. A Wiggins/Froome joint Christmas is looking pretty unlikely

Chris Froome - Le Tour de France video stage 21 summary.png

After news emerged of Froome's adverse test results following his Vuelta win, Bradley Wiggins' wife Cathy launched a pretty scathing attack on social media before swiftly deleting the post and apologising. There's no love lost between these two former teammates and their families, it seems...
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4. It's not that safe if no one rides it...

 News of the "world's safest bike" didn't seem to go down too well with readers, doubting the lofty claims that no cyclist would be killed or injured while using it. We think the cycling community will need some convincing before we adopt this thing! 
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5. This doesn't seem like a very promising solution 

Cyclists dismount.png

Cyclists in Dublin held a protest earlier this week after signs were erected on a section of the city’s new tramway telling them to dismount from their bikes and proceed on foot instead. Victim-blaming? You could say so...
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6. This case of bowing down to pressure might be for the best

Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock (picture credit, Berthold Werner).JPG

The unrest in Israel sparked by US president Donald Trump’s formal recognition last week of Jerusalem as the middle eastern state’s capital could result in the Giro d’Italia abandoning its planned visit to the country next year, with the race beginning instead in Italy. Whatever  your thoughts on the matter, it might be best for cycling to stay out of this particular fallout.  
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7. Teachers might need some teaching on how to manage their cycling policy

School sign.jpg


Cycling UK is urging schools not to make it difficult to get there by bike, with examples including require them to wear helmets and high-visibility clothing. In recent weeks on we have reported on several schools, each with academy status, that have introduced rules for students who travel there by bike.
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8. That's a lot of cash, but with Boardman in charge hopefully it's money well spent

Chris Boardman and Andy Burnham.jpg

Chris Boardman has asked for £1.5bn to transform Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to cycle and walk. “We have to get this right,” he said. “I won’t waste people’s money or time building a network that won’t deliver a fundamental and cultural change in how we travel. While Manchester's mayor Andy Burnham only promised £50 million a year in the end, hopefully Manchester will be leading by example in years to come on how to make cycling and walking safer in a city. 
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9. A forking nightmare

Specialized Allez Elite - head tube.jpg

Specialized has announced a complete halt to the sale of its 2018 model year Allez, Allez Sport and Allez Elite road bikes. This is due to a fork crown manufacturing defect and the US company will be replacing forks on bikes already sold. It adds that no one has been injured as a result of the fork issue. 
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10. If you want to impress the internet with your new bike, make the colours match!

movistar canyon 2018 .png

Many readers expressed their displeasure towards the mismatching saddle and bars on this new Canyon Endurace that will be rode by the Movistar pro team next year. It's all about attention to detail! 
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11. Surrey Police deserve a big round of applause for this handy video

Surrey Police RPU (copyright Surrey Police via Flickr).jpg

Police in Surrey are being applauded by cyclists on Twitter after producing a video that shows motorists how to safely overtake people on bikes. The video, which lasts just over one and a half minutes, uses animation, real-life footage and text to educate motorists on the issue. Well done Surrey Police!  
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