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MyCyclingWeekend2018 - We Have a Winner

To turbo or to rain ride, that was the question.

Ah, how lovely that the usual British summer has returned for #MyCyclingWeekend2018!

It was back to spending ages working out what kit to wear for the rainy, cool but rather sweaty conditions.

Personally, I made the big mistake of deciding it was freezing, then reaching for my full winter thermals. I wasn't cold, I just got very sweaty.

It also looks like loads of you were out too. Just a little reminder that we're switching to #MyCyclingWeekend2018. 

Before we get to this week's winner, let's take a look at some of the entries. Our header image this week comes from Bo Andersen. Seems it wasn't just us sheltering from the heavy rain.



Jan wanted to make climbing harder. Why not throw cobbles into the mix?



Gravel bikes are rather handy when the tarmac runs out.



Look's like Soloman's job today is cleaning his bike...



The Rhone-Alpes looks lovely. 



Lee's representing with his cap!



A colourful bike on a washed-out day.



I'm just off to check my cleat bolts...




A post shared by Filip Marszal (@philanddeeshow) on


Not sure who laid this road, but there's a few in Somerset that need doing!



Quite right Dale. Rather damp.



Our winner this week is Chris who took some great shot while out on a casual 130km loop to the seaside. Not a day for ice creams though.

Remember to get your pics in using the new hashtag #MyCyclingWeekend2018!

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colouryum | 5 years ago

Awesome! How can I claim my schwag? Makes the soggy socks slightly more worth it! yes

Liam Cahill replied to colouryum | 5 years ago

colouryum wrote:

Awesome! How can I claim my schwag? Makes the soggy socks slightly more worth it! yes

I've dropped you a DM on Insta  4

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