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MyCyclingWeekend - We Have a Winner

What a cracking weekend we had for riding.

When I say a 'cracking' weekend, I literally mean cracking.

Yours truly went flying in the first CX race of the season. My Lazer Z1 is headed for the bin, but it did its job and I walked away without a concussion.

Thankfully, you guys seem to have a bit more luck this weekend. We 've got some brilliant pics to have a look at, so before we get to the winner, let's go through some of the best.



That's a nice range of bikes!



The trees are turning...



Catching the last few rays of summer.



Seems like a few of you were checking out the Tour of Britain routes near to you.


Saturday morning laps for George and Hills reps for me #mycyclingweekend #SoUnfit

A post shared by John Grenfell (@john_grenfell) on


A mini champion in the making!


Luton's long lanes #VCT #veloclubtring #clubride #mycyclingweekend

A post shared by Matt Woolner (@woolymatt) on


Those quiet early morning lanes.



Wales looks amazing for some off-road riding!



Graham is wearing the frustrated face of a ride cut short.



Our winner this week is Rachael who ticked off a good number of climbs, earning herself not just a scone with jam and cream but also this week's #MyCyclingWeekend prize! Congrats Rachael, we'll be in touch.

Remember, to get involved, all you have to do is upload a bike-themed picture to Instagram or Twitter using #MyCyclingWeekend!


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