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MyCyclingWeekend - We Have a Winner

There are two winners this week!

To celebrate the site's 10th Birthday, we headed out for a ride from the office in search of cake.

But we didn't want you guys to feel left out, so we doubled the prizes for this week's #MyCyclingWeekend!

Our first winner this week has sent us some great pics in the past, but we think he's nailed this shot of autumn, reminding us of what we wish it would look like!

Congrats Wesley, your jersey is on its way!

Our second winner is actually a triathlete... But there are no bare ankles or sleeveless jerseys in this pic, just a great example of where a cyclocross bike can take you.

Congrats to Stephen, we're just cutting the sleeves off your jersey!

As it was a double prize weekend, we had loads of entries. Here are some of the best.










Belles op de baan #fietsbellesfriday

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Cya in a bit. We’re just off for a Birthday celebration ride #mycyclingweekend

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We'll be back next weekend for another chance to win some #MyCyclingWeekend schwag!

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