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Call for congestion/pollution charges to be applied to black cabs

“Even ambulances have to pay the pollution charge”

Stop Killing Cyclists (SKC) has launched a petition calling on the Mayor of London to (a) apply pollution and congestion charges to the users of black cabs and (b) end free access to bus lanes for black cabs when not carrying passengers.

The campaign group says that black cab exemptions from pollution and congestion charges are unfair.

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-founder of SKC said: “As even ambulances have to pay the pollution charge, the Mayor must end the unfair exemptions for black cabs, which emit up to 30 times the pollution of an equivalent private car.”

He added: “As Sadiq Khan is serious about tackling the pollution, climate and congestion crises, then he must face down the black cab bullies. If New York can impose congestion charges on cab-users, then London must do also.”

Black cabs account for 40 per cent of cars in the congestion zone, but SKC says they are “an inefficient use of road space.”

The petition states: “Empty London black cabs drive 230 million miles every year, looking for paying customers.

“Emergency vehicles and people trying to get to work, school and shops are blocked daily by black cab jams, yet the mayor allows cabbies to drive empty in bus lanes for free.

“The Mayor must impose congestion and pollution charges on London’s largest source of vehicular pollution and congestion.”

You can sign the petition here.

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