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#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon

We have a winner

Well, we predicted a pretty tough weekend for riding and that's exactly what we got.

It's been blowing a gale for what feels like forever and we were once again treated to challenging conditions that made heading to the pub seem like a very good idea!

But, with the chance to win some beautifully bright socks from Decathlon, plenty of you headed out and entered our #MyCyclingWeekend competition.


Second control - getting out of the wind!

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There can be only one winner though and this week, those fancy socks go to Claire who headed to a very warm, and not-windy cafe. Congratulations Claire, we'll be in touch.

With so many entries, it'd be wrong for us not to include some of the best so scroll down for more great photos.

Decathlon will be back next week for a special Milan San Remo edition!






No Cruising. It’s the Law.

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So windy I had to get fully tucked in. Shorts were not my best idea #stillwinter

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