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#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon - The storm-dodging edition

It looks like we might get drenched this weekend. At least there are prizes to be won!

Our header image this week comes from @neverpressrewind

Going out without a jacket in the back pocket this weekend would be very brave.

Personally, we'll be planning routes that go past the maximum number of cafes, just in case we have to dive in for an emergency piece of cake when it hammers down.

While you're in the cafe, don't waste time watching the rain. Get your phone out and snap a moody rain picture or grab a shot of that slab of cake.

Then head onto Instagram to post your photo, tagging @DecathlonUK_Cycling and #MyCyclingWeekend in your caption. 

Finally, go to @DecathlonUK_Cycling and give their page a follow. It could win you a B'Twin RoadR Cycling Cap!

Now that you've done that, the rain will have passed and you can head back out in the direction of the next cafe!

Wondering what to post? Check out these great examples below.


Once upon a time I reached the end of the world

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