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18/07/2019, 17:11

Cervelo launches first gravel bike

Cervelo wades into the gravel bike market with an unashamedly performance-focused bike. Check it out here 

Cervelo Aspero20


And also check out this neat video they produced about gravel riding for the new bike.

18/07/2019, 16:55

Nothing to see here...

18/07/2019, 16:53

G tries his hand as a tipster

18/07/2019, 16:43

A179 (via StreetView)

Hartlepool cyclist hospitalised after car passenger pushed him off

Police appeal for witnesses.

Full story here.

18/07/2019, 15:52

Simon Yates wins stage 12

The 2018 Vuelta champ won this strange sprint with no sprinters in it, triumphing over Pello Bilbao and Gregor Mühlberger.  

18/07/2019, 15:28

Things have been a bit tense, apparently

18/07/2019, 15:06

We think he's turned up

18/07/2019, 15:05

18/07/2019, 14:53

Time trial world champion goes awol midway through stage, the day before the individual time trial

This is very odd. Has anyone seen Rohan Dennis?

18/07/2019, 14:34

Oh dear...

Were the riders supposed to go cross-country to claim these points? 

18/07/2019, 14:30

Tour latest - Calmejane leads

The Total Direct Energie rider is leading the way, with the peloton almost seven minutes back. 

18/07/2019, 13:22

"He's sat on a bike and pedalling with one leg"

We mentioned Chris Froome being 'back on his bike' in our piece about him being awarded the 2011 Vuelta earlier.

Here's Brailsford confirming it.

18/07/2019, 12:49

But will they still be racing when they're old?

There's thing going around the internet at the moment to use an app to see how old you will look in 60 years time. And here are some racers currently hurtling around France

18/07/2019, 11:58

There's a break. Sagan's in it

18/07/2019, 11:35

Still no break

18/07/2019, 10:56

Team I-NO/YES (delete as appropriate)

18/07/2019, 09:45

Great Paul Sherwen tribute in yesterday's pre-tour coverage

We watched this on ITV4 before yesterday's stage and were hoping it would be shared again for those who missed it - Phil Liggett leads an excellent tribute to his friend of four decades and relives some of their best moments as Tour co-commentators. 

18/07/2019, 09:31

Driver using mobile (CC licensed image by lukys1:Flickr)

French drivers could lose driving licences for using mobile phone at the wheel

A recent poll found that 70 per cent of French motorists admit to having used their mobiles while driving. Another poll found that six per cent use their phones while driving on the motorway, including 15 per cent of truck drivers.

The Telegraph reports that a new measure, due to be introduced in autumn, would see driving licences confiscated if a driver is found to have broken a traffic rule while using their mobile phone at the wheel.

“If you forget to put your indicator on, which is very frequent among people on the phone, or drive over a white line a Stop sign or go through a red light, all these offences when coupled with using a mobile will allow police to confiscate your licence,” said French road safety boss, Emmanuel Barbe.

“We don’t wish to deprive anyone of their licence for months on end,” he added, implying that in most cases the confiscation would only be temporary.

A 2017 RAC survey found that up to nine million drivers could be habitually using their phones at the wheel in the UK.

Offenders currently face six penalty points and a £200 fine, but this can rise to £1,000 and a driving ban with a court appearance (£2,500 for lorry or bus drivers).

18/07/2019, 09:43

"Better late than never"...

Chris Froome wins the 2011 Vuelta with a broken leg. Full story here.

18/07/2019, 09:33

Here's the route

18/07/2019, 09:32

The Tour hits the Pyrenees

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