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29 October 2019, 19:55
Cambridge's not-so-secure station cycle park

You may remember our story from last week about Cambridge City Council threatening rail operator Greater Anglia with legal action over failures of security at the city's railway station bike park, the largest such facility in the UK.

Well, this picture tweeted today shows just one of the security failings that has seen a number of cyclists return to find their pride and joy gone, and deters others from parking their bike there in the first place ...

29 October 2019, 19:49
A little bit of politics ...
29 October 2019, 19:26
Can't make the Rouleur Classic? Kenny Van Vlaminck has the answer

Can't make the Rouleur Classic, which runs from Thursday to Saturday and is billed as 

Never fear, as Kenny Van Vlaminck points out in this tweet, you can catch all the talks online.  The Belgian legend himself will be appearing, as will the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins, Fabian Cancellara, Greg LeMond, Lizzie Deignan and ... by pure coincidence ... that Matt Stephens off the telly. 

29 October 2019, 19:14
No retrial for lorry driver who killed cyclist Suzanna Bull

A lorry driver convicted of causing the death of Birmingham cyclist Suzanna Bull through careless driving will not face a retrial on the more serious charge of causing her death through dangerous driving after a jury failed to reach a verdict.

Robert Bradbury failed to see the victim, a doctor who worked at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, because of a tray in his cab that was full of ornaments and other objects.

After he was convicted on the lesser charge earlier this month, the case was adjourned to give the prosecution time to consider whether to seek a retrial on the causing death by dangerous driving charge, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Michael Duck QC, prosecuting, has now confirmed that a retrial will not be sought. "The family (has been consulted and the position is that the Crown take the view that it would not be in the public interest to pursue a retrial of count one," he explained.

"Ultimately this was not a case in which there was a sustained period of bad driving, excess speed or swerving between vehicles."

Bradbury will be sentenced on 6 December.

29 October 2019, 16:54
Scottish traffic cops criticised on Twitter for handing out high-vis roadside... as Edinburgh council launch campaign to put responsibility on drivers, not 'bright lycra'

Yesterday afternoon, the Road Policing Scotland Twitter account said they would be handing out 'high viz goodies' to cyclists roadside in Edinburgh as part of their 'Be Bright Be Seen' campaign; but not everyone thought it was the best use of their resources, citing evidence from studies such as the one discussed in this article... 

The Police campaign is also at odds with another campaign launched by Council leaders in Edinburgh today calling on road users to look out for each, as reported by Edinburgh Evening News. Campaigners say the onus should be placed on drivers rather than encouraging cyclists to wear “bright lycra", with Green councillor Claire Miller saying: “I’m glad that there is an opportunity for people with bikes to prepare for the winter weather and darker days.

“However, we should be putting the onus for safety of vulnerable road users on drivers – they must take responsibility for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

“It is perfectly reasonable for cyclists to be wearing normal workday clothes and still expect to be safe on the roads.

“If the city is really serious about safety for people on bikes, it is much less to do with bright lycra and much more to do with providing well connected, well-lit and dedicated routes for people to be able travel by bike around the city.”

Do you reckon the police have the best of intentions but failed in the execution of their campaign, have failed all together or do you think there is nothing wrong with this? let us know in the comments... 

29 October 2019, 14:09
Freeman latest: lawyer says banned substances were ordered "at the request of Shane Sutton"

According to journalists attending the hearing, Freeman's lawyer Mary O'Rourke says that former British Cycling and Team Sky coach Shane Sutton requested the Testogel - a major revelation, with Sutton set to be cross examined by Miss O'Rourke. Sutton was also the personal coach to Bradley Wiggins. 

Sutton has denied any knowledge of Testogel deliveries in all previous statements. 

29 October 2019, 13:10
Dr Freeman has made his first appearance

Freeman has spoken to confirm his name and GMC number, according to The Times' Chief Sports Correspondent Matt Lawton. 

29 October 2019, 12:33
Breaking: Dr Richard Freeman will admit to lying about 2011 Testogel order at medical tribunal: but STILL insists it wasn't for British Cycling athletes

The long-delayed eight week hearing into Dr Richard Freeman's alleged misconduct and the ordering of banned substances has started with a bang. The Daily Mail reports that in the opening minutes of the hearing in front of a three-person panel, Dr Freeman's representative Mary O'Rourke QC said he has now admitted to telling "a lot of lies" via a witness statement submitted just last month - but Freeman will still insist that the order for Testogel (a banned testosterone product) made in 2011 was not intended for use by athletes.

Dr Freeman will instead argue that the Testogel was ordered for a member of staff at British Cycling. Miss O'Rourke said that Freeman "couldn't bring himself to tell the truth, even to his lawyers" until very recently. Responding to charges of 'obtaining testosterone to give an athlete to improve an athlete's performance', read by Simon Jackson QC, Miss O'Rourk said: "It does not matter for Mr Jackson what the motive is because the burden of proof is on the GMC to prove the motive they assert…that's the burden they have given themselves."

The hearing continues, and is set to run until 20th December. 

29 October 2019, 13:03
This makes for sad reading...
29 October 2019, 11:04
In memory of crap bike lights

If you're one of those people who gets nostalgic about how cycling was better in the good old days... well when it comes to lights, sorry but you're just wrong. We've had some great replies from you lot on Twitter, not-so-fondly recalling the days of illuminating some of your front wheel with half a lumen that would flicker a bit then run out halfway through your paper round. 

Do send us your best (well worst) photos of your rubbish old bike lights in the comments below, ideally mounted to a Raleigh Chopper or something, and there might just be a pair of very good and modern socks in it for you! 

P.s... want some half decent bike lights? Find out all you need to know with our 2019 Beam Comparison Engine of the best front lights and this handy guide to the best rear bike lights. 

29 October 2019, 10:48
Rapha's new Explore range launches

Just as the clocks go back, Rapha have officially launched their new Explore range. Aimed at off-road exploring in colder temperatures and keeping you wamr and dry, there are technical tees and jerseys with lightweight, insulating fabrics, pullovers and jackets with Gore-Tex for the ultimate in weather protection. We managed to get hold of some of the Gore-Tex-infused kit early and have already reviewed the Women’s Explore Hooded Gore-Tex Pullover - check it out here


All the gear is live on Rapha's website now

29 October 2019, 08:47
The hearing for Doctor Richard Freeman, accused of ordering a banned substance while working for British Cycling, finally starts today

Freeman's hearing was subject to lengthy delays after issues with his mental health were cited as the reason for postponement in February this year, and today it's finally set to begin. It was originally set to start yesterday, but one of the panel members of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service fell ill, reports the Lancashire Telegraph. A replacement panel member has now been found, and the hearing will resume today in Manchester. 

Freeman is accused of ordering sachets of the banned substance Testogel back in May of 2011 while working for British Cycling, and administering treatments to British Cycling and Team Sky athletes for reasons other than first aid, with the intention of illegally enhancing performance. Freeman is also accused of making false statements to cover up the Testogel order, claiming it wasn't ordered for athletes he was working with. 

The hearing is set to run over eight weeks. 

29 October 2019, 08:40
Julia Briskman, the cyclist who stuck her finger up at Trump, on the campaign trail

We reported last week that Juli Briskman is now running for local office, two years on from an infamous photo that shown her swearing at a motorcade which contained the POTUS in one of the vehicles - the picture cost Briskman her job. Now here she is talking about her new life as a potential politician and canvassing, saying: "It was horrible to get fired, but it did open a lot of doors in other ways."

29 October 2019, 08:34
"I'm a cyclist meself"...

Perhaps the bike rack is a prop in an attempt to mitigate this driver's very daft parking...

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