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Live blog: Adam Blythe takes marketing role at Chpt3; Richard Freeman claims testogel was ordered for Shane Sutton's erectile dysfunction; Froome undergoes successful surgery; Survey finds bike theft worry increases at night + more

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08 November 2019, 17:15
Hope it dries up enough that you can all get a ride in this weekend
08 November 2019, 16:14
How did Dave get on doing Red Bull Timelaps as a solo rider?

25 hours on his own? We won't spoil it for you by telling. Watch the vid to see how he got on!


08 November 2019, 15:10
Adam Blythe takes a job in sports marketing at Chpt3 following his retirement from pro racing

Blythe will join up with the cycling apparel brand founded by David Millar as their Product Marketing Executive from 2020 onwards. Blythe said of his first 'non saddle-bound' job: “Yeah, it’s going to be my first ever proper job actually! I didn’t even have a paper round
before bike racing so it’s all new to me. I’ve never been sat behind a desk so it’s going to be pretty weird but yeah, I’m super excited for it.

“I’m joining as the Product Marketing Executive, so that will involve setting up and running
events, looking after the content production for social media and generally learning how to
show the benefits of CHPT3 to people in the best way possible. As well as that I’ll be
dropping my own CHPT3 clothing lines in 2020 – so look out for my collections including base layers, jerseys, casuals... that sort of thing.”

Blythe has a little experience in business and e-commerce already, having sold his own range of AERO AF cycling socks through his social media channels.

08 November 2019, 14:50
Fit4Sport employee says Freeman was 'regular customer'

Trish Meats said she trusted that whatever Dr Freeman was ordering wasn't "sinister" because he was a doctor. She says that Freeman was a regular customer at Fit4Sport from his time at Bolton Wanderers and at British Cycling. 

She also added that the Testogel order had to be made by Fit4Sport separately, so it didn’t get sent to British Cycling with other products ordered by Freeman. 

08 November 2019, 12:22
Dr Richard Freeman tribunal latest: Freeman claims testogel was ordered for Shane Sutton's erectile dysfunction

More bombshells from the Freeman case today, as Freemans' lawyer has also said she intends to asked the General Medical Council to make a request for a document from the Daily Mail, which was a witness statement from 2016 signed by Shane Sutton. "...for the purpose of a story run by the Mail, and we say the witness statement was provided as the paper’s insurance policy against any potential claims for defamation by Bradley Wiggins, Dr Freeman or Dave’s relevance is that it contains a number of lies.”

The prosecution have said they want Sutton to appear at the tribunal for two days next week. Simon Jackson QC opened this morning's proceedings by saying: “Testogel was used not for clinical or therapeutic use, but for prohibited use, microdosing as a way of improving an athlete’s performance. It was not used to treat’s Shane Sutton’s erectile dysfunction as claimed by Dr Freeman." 

08 November 2019, 15:27
Different country, similar problems

The NYPD said they were unable to issue a summons for this drivers because they 'didn't witness the incident', according to the uploader of the footage. 

08 November 2019, 15:20
How the humble bicycle can change lives

A nice little round-up on the importance of bikes from the World Economic Forum, who say the bike industry will be worth $65 billion by 2022, jumping up from $45 billion in 2011. 

08 November 2019, 15:01
How much? (looks kind of cool though)

A 'highly immersive training camp' has been launched by a team including Phil Diegnan that will see guests do five days' riding around the routes of the Tour de France and get seminars from Sports Science experts. Departing on 21st May 2020, you get four days of seminars, accommodation, three big rides including the Ventoux and two warm-up rides, support vehicles and pro support guidance... that's if you can fork out the £2,199 being charged per person for the trip, although it does look pretty epic. 

More info here

08 November 2019, 11:55
Froome undergoes more surgery

The four-time Tour de France champ didn't compete in the individual Saitama Criterium as planned last month, but it appears all has gone well in his latest surgery. Froome needed metal work removed from his hip and elbow, and although he said in recent weeks that he's quite a long way off racing in a peloton again, the 2020 Tour de France is the target. 

08 November 2019, 12:19
Bike servicing options made simple...
08 November 2019, 11:41
08 November 2019, 11:32
Stuck in the floods

This was the scene outside the HQ of Chesterfield-based Bikeability instructors Velotastic. As they say, at least they're upstairs...

08 November 2019, 10:03
A thief in the night: poll shows bike theft worry increases when it's dark
Bike thief

A new poll by Tile - who make bluetooth-enabled security 'Tiles' in order to locate items - has found that over a third of Brits surveyed were more concerned about bike theft when it's dark. 36% admitted to worrying more about their bike being stolen at night rather than in daylight, with 45% still worrying even if the bike is locked up. 

Tile quote the Office for National Statistics' figures that found 98,000 bikes were stolen in the UK last year, with 61% occurring in the evening or late at night - so even though there are more nighttime thefts, still a high proportion happen in daylight. 

Do you get more bothered about your pride and joy when night falls? Do let us know what you make of this data... 

08 November 2019, 09:26
Bristol's diesel car ban "should just be seen as first step", says Sustrans' Jon Usher

Bristol will become the first UK city to introduce an outright ban on diesel vehicles in the inner part of the city from March 2021 - and Jon Usher of Sustrans has warned that although the news is welcomed, it's only the first step and steps must be taken to get people cycling and walking instead of using cars. 

Writing for Bristol 247, Usher said: "Some 300 people die prematurely every year in Bristol as a result of poor air quality. 300 people. That’s a huge and quite terrifying figure. 

"However, when considering the scale of the problems we face, this ban can be seen only as a first step in our journey to clean air, and absolutely not as the complete package.

"While I applaud the mayor for taking this brave first step, what we need now is a thorough car reduction plan for the whole city. And this plan must include an explicit car reduction target. Car reduction is necessary because simply ‘greening’ vehicles will not have the positive impact the city needs to be able to meet WHO targets for particulates. Nor will changing the propulsion technology used reduce the congestion or road danger that motor vehicles create on our streets.

"We need to do everything we can to shift people away from driving and towards choosing healthy, clean alternatives, such as walking and cycling for shorter journeys. This needs to be a priority for both Bristol City Council and for the incoming central government. No matter what party political candidates stand for, they need to take a stand and address this issue. 300 people dying prematurely in Bristol each year cannot remain the status quo."

08 November 2019, 09:55
Zdenek Stybar returns to cyclocross with cool new Specialized CruX
Specialized CRX Stybar_DSC08177

The three-time world cyclo-cross champion Zdenek Stybar is return to CX this winter, and he'll be racing aboard a very special custom painted Specialized CruX. Read all about it here

08 November 2019, 09:51
A lot of bikes

Although we've got a hell of a long way to go to match Copenhagen, which apparently has more bikes than people. 

08 November 2019, 08:43
US bike shop owner shut down after taking money from customers and not delivering bikes
denver 11th avenue

The Urban Cyclist in Denver, Colarado has finally been shut down, after a bizarre situation in which the shop were taking orders from customers and failing to deliver bikes - the actual reason for their eviction was that the owner Derrin Duran had also failed to pay rent, although he insists the shop is just relocating. 

A disgruntled former customer who claimed to have paid $534 for a bike that never arrived told The Denver Channel: "He's stealing from people for sure. There's no doubt in my mind. It's theft. It's flat-out theft.

"He lied to my face, multiple times, about getting my refund."

Duran is known to have a long criminal history with charges ranging from assault to domestic violence and burglary - he still insists the shop will be back open in the River North Art District of Denver soon. 


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