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Winner announced for Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheels!

Keep your fingers crossed - we have a winner for the Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheels - is it you?

The Competition is now closed and we have a Winner!

Congratulations to Euan Tebbutt. i-Ride will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of these fantastic wheels.

For everybody else, thank you for entering and better luck next time.

Thousands of you entered the compo  to win some Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheels last time we got together with Fulcrum and their UK distributor i-Ride... so luck for you, we’re doing it all over again! 

Review: Fulcrum Wind 40 Disc Brake Wheel   

We hadn’t even reviewed them when we did the first competition so all you had to get excited about was their looks, and they're a fine-looking set of wheels all right. Since then we have reviewed them, and luckily our man Stu Kerton liked them quite a lot or this bit could have been awkward! He’s a couple of choice quotes from his test report

"If you are a quick road rider who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything, blasting along on the flat, climbing, and tackling technical descents, then the 40mm rim depth of these wheels is pretty much the sweet spot". 

"The 40 DB really is just a beautiful wheelset to ride – with the tyres at 100psi they feel really comfortable and never harsh, even on dimpled road surfaces."

He sums up his review with:
“They look great and are well built, and if it was my money I would be very happy with how well they perform.”

Check out his review in full here if you didn't spot it above already. 

Really, you cannot ask for a better review... only the price was a little high for Stu, and that's irrelevant here as they'll be FREE to the winner!

For those of you still reading who haven't gone straight to the entry form below, the ‘DB’ stands for disc brake only. They’re 12mm thru axle compatible front and rear and they’re also tubeless ready, aero optimised, and you can fit anything from 23mm (#oldskool) right up to an achingly hip/fat 50mm tyre on there! 

Fulcrum Wind 40DB

For more on the tech involved in the making of these beautiful wheels, here is what Fulcrum has to say:

"The combination of attention to aerodynamics and versatility created the Wind 40 DB and it's easy to see that the design of the 40 mm rim is the direct descendant of the Speed 55 wheel: all the features developed for the range-topping wheelsets have been included here, in a more versatile version.

Fulcrum Wind 40 DB rim

"The Wind 40 DB has a 40 mm deep, lightweight rim, created by the superposition of wide, modern unidirectional carbon layers, with a pronounced profile (8mm radius). The design incorporates innovative shapes, designed to provide a smooth transition between the tyre and the rim eliminating turbulence.

Fulcrum Competition - Wind 40 DB wheel 2.jpg

"40mm also means wide versatility, as it is generally the size most appreciated by those who do not want to overdo things, but want an excellent wheel uphill which is stiff and snappy and precise when riding.

Fulcrum Competition - Wind 40 DB front hub.jpg

"The wheelset is completed with aluminium hubs, which support 24 "straight pull" spokes, guaranteeing maximum overall rigidity, both in acceleration and when braking, without lateral movement due to the asymmetric nature of the forces coming from the disc and cassette.

Fulcrum Competition - Wind 40 DB rear hub.jpg

The Wind 40 DB is certainly the multi-purpose choice, with a strong focus on aerodynamics, to be fast, very fast, uphill, fast, very fast, on the flat, and just as much so downhill." 

Okay, we get the message... they're fast, very fast! 

The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheelset has a long list of tech specs which is full of acronyms, so best to go to their website and check them all out as there is lot of information there. Here is a summary of what you get if you win the competition:

Tyre Type: 2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless)
Discipline: Road / Triathlon
Tyre Size: 700c
Weight: 1620 g
Rim Material Details: Full carbon, "UD" - carbon fibre finishing
Rim height: Front and rear: 40 mm
Outer rim width: 27 mm / Inner rim width: 19 mm
Tyre Width: From 23 mm to 50 mm
Braking system: Disc brake
Front axle: HH12-100 / Rear axle: HH12-142
Front Wheel Spokes: 24 (16 left - 8 right) / Rear Wheel Spokes: 24 (8 left - 16 right)
Spokes:  Stainless steel, double-butted, rounded, straight pull
Nipples: Aluminium
Front and Rear hub: Aluminium with Aluminium flanges
Bearings: Sealed cartridge bearings
Others: Aluminium Axle
Weight Limit: 109 kg (Cyclist)
Freewheel options: HG11, Campy, XDr​

So, what you waiting for? To be in with a chance to win this fantastic wheelset, just fill out the entry form below... very best of luck folks!

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